Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Tuning Ourselves Up So that We Can Sing Our Life Song

Our energy body is always attuning itself as we move through life. Have you ever noticed how some places bring a spirit of quiet and mystery to us?

You may have experienced this inside of a beautiful old church, museum or some other masterpiece of architecture.

Many people get this experience from being out in nature.

We may also feel it when we visit someone's home or office.

This is our spirit attuning itself to serenity that is being communicated to us. Our energies get in sync with the greater energy that has long been established there.

The more we feel our bodies attuning to the energies of places as we travel through life, the more predisposed we are to the people we encounter in that place or in the times immediately after we leave that place. As our aura is smoothed out by this attunement, our encounters with others are gentler and more joyful.

All of which helps energize us with the music of the soul. As these feelings flow we find ourselves humming, singing making music.

The song we were born to sing is always within us. Tuning up our energy helps us to release that song from its slumber. As we let the energy melt around our hearts, the most beautiful sounds emanate from people who might have told you that they cannot sing. And those who love to sing release new songs that exceed even their previous best.

Do not hide or bury the songs of your soul because you are shy or uncertain. Sing it anyway. You will be surprised at how many people want to hear it and savor the sounds as soon as they hear them.

All that we love connects with us through the harmonious songs that we let vibrate through us. Listen. And then respond.

Notice, as you move through your days, which people, places and things stimulate these feelings of peace, joy and serenity in our lives. Notice what is happening as we are constantly being attuned. It is now autumn, leaves are beginning to fall. Things we are done with are letting go, and as we let go of what we feel done with, it is easier to move forward.

We are being tuned to our strengths, and our feelings help us focus on how to move forward with ever greater clarity.

This is one of the real beauties of fall. Nature clears our path so that it is easier to see. During this process we can tune in to our strengths, desires, and decide which talents, skills and abilities we will strengthen our focus on in the next season of our life. Doesn't that feel good? Say good bye to one chapter and hello to the next.

Open your eyes, take a deep breath and appreciate the feeling of joy and peace sweeping through you at this moment.

I love all of you and am always glad to hear from you.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Courage is a daily habit

Courage is a daily habit. We tend to think of courage in terms of big events. In movies we see courage demonstrated as a person charging into battle risking life and limb to attack an enemy on a battlefield.

But in every day life we may be calling on courage to start a new business, to start a new relationship, to learn something new or try something different. All of these kinds of choices can help us uplift the quality of our lives.

You see, the word itself is something that needs clarification in order for us to use the concept better. Courage comes from the French word for heart, which is coeur. So, you see, courage is all about heart. But many of us think of it as feats of great physical strength because of images we have seen in movies.

Courage, by definition, means that we are proceeding even in the face of uncertainty or fear. If something is a sure thing, no courage is required.

Fear is natural because none of us wants to fail or make ourselves look stupid. Of course in the process of trying new things, we all make some mistakes on the way to becoming excellent.

So let's take a few simple examples to illustrate. Let's say you want to try cooking a new recipe. Go ahead and try it. You will find out whether you like it or not after you cook it, but at least you now have the experience of making something different.

Maybe you want to learn to read cards, do reiki healing, play a musical instrument, or a new exercise program, how to dance or speak a different language. We just need to overcome that fear and plunge in.

Take another common example, starting your own business. Everyone who starts their own business is taking a risk, no matter what kind of business it is. The rewards are great, and so that can help us overcome fear. Once you have created your own business and done the work to make it successful, you gain power over your schedule and your cash flow.

IN starting a new relationship, there is no better way to find out if this person you are considering will be a good fit unless you get together with them and see how much you enjoy their company.

To help us get over those fears and anxieties over trying something new, we just have to ask ourselves if it is something we truly want, then whether we are willing to take action to make it real.

It is important to remember that we always have allies in this process, and that is the role our spirit guides play with us. If you cultivate the daily habit of thanking them for the good things that are happening in our lives and then open our minds to receiving advice and guidance from them, they are always looking out for us because that is their job. They are here to help us and protect us and our team of spirit guides is with us for our entire lifetime.

Our sense of humor is also a great tool to use. When we make a mistake we can both laugh at it and learn from it. When we are in a business or social meeting, cracking a joke or telling a funny story is a way to immediately lighten up the atmosphere and create a more welcoming environment.

A little courage goes a long way to helping us get more of what we want out of life.

Coming up this Monday, September 24 is the full Harvest Moon. What a perfect time to thank our spirit guides for all of the good we have harvested in our lives this year. And it is also a perfect time to start thinking about what new things we would like to have in our lives next. Remember to express gratitude for both the big things and the little things because often little things lead to bigger things.

Heading down these new paths will require some measure of courage from us, but remember, all of our choices come from either love or fear. Choose from love to overcome fear in all areas of life. You will be happy you did.

I love all of you and am always happy to hear from you. Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing and if I can help you I will. Part of the joy of being on this path is knowing that my efforts have helped, encouraged and made a positive difference to you.

And as we walk down these paths and enjoy seeing all the changing colors in the trees and plants around us, savor these visual reminders that we are always changing and growing and these beautiful colors symbolize the new developments in our lives that we had the courage to pursue, and so now there is more to harvest, both in terms of thoughts, feelings, relationships, accomplishments and how all these intangible things produce tangible results. Reflecting on all this seems to fit well in this season where looking around we see visible signs of our progress.

Isn't this a lovely feeling? Remember, our heart is the center of everything. Much love to all of you!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Young Energy and Elder Mentors

On Friday August 17, I was doing tarot and numerology readings for guests of the Home Advisor company at the Velorama. Home Advisor is the company that merged with Angie's List, which is a site where you can find reliable quality contractors to do home repairs and remodeling. Velorama is a series of bicycle races and events combined with rock concerts in downtown Denver near Coors Field. Quite beautiful at night with the moon up in the sky and the night lights of downtown in the background.

It was fascinating in many respects. One was that there was a parking lot full of bicycles as well as a parking lot full of cars. Many attendees walked or rode bicycles to the event.

The average age of the attendees was definitely young, so this meant that many of these people are younger than many of my previous clients in addition to being younger than me. I find the young people very refreshing to work with because for many of them getting a reading is a whole new experience.

It is a real pleasure to see how they light up and smile when their reading offers them encouragement, new ways of seeing things, and brings joy into their life instead of gloom and doom which a lot of people mistakenly think that tarot is about. It is a pleasure to introduce this useful tool to these younger souls so that they can get a head start in life and learn some of these things that I did not learn until I was older.

An important perspective that governs my work is this. I know that everyone who comes to me was guided there by spirit and so I made a vow to my spirit guides that I would do my best to take care of everyone they send, and I know that my spirit guides help me do my work. They help me create magical awakenings for those who come to me.

They are interested in trying this thing that is new to them and many of them are pleasantly surprised that they are offered useful insights and advice rather than something so far out they do not know what to make of it.

Of course, I know that sometimes when I am telling a person something in a reading they are skeptical. And that is why I offer all of you free follow up calls, because I love it when those calls come in and a person says "Guess what just happened since we did that reading?" And I am also happy to take those calls when a person needs some clarification of things we discussed.

During the last couple of years, I have had many wonderful young people coming to me not only for readings and reiki but also for me to teach them how to do readings and reiki, develop their skills, or just for consultations as to how to incorporate more metaphysical practices into their lives.

In order for any tradition to continue, young people need to join in these processes. That is always an important development. Now I see that happening in ways that make my heart smile, because many of these young people turn out to have knowledge that gives them a good start. It is invigorating when I mention a term like chakras to a young person and they already know what I mean so we can just move ahead with the conversation, compared to having to stop and explain those terms first. That gives them momentum and a fast track. Many of these young people are picking things up rapidly, and so, for example, by the time they are done with their training with me, they are really good at what they do.

It is a learning experience for me to write these things because the more these things happen, when younger people are coming to me to learn, spirit keeps reminding me that I have now become one of the elders. People usually guess my age younger, and that no doubt is due in part to inheriting some of my mother's genes. I keep thinking of myself as having a lot more time to go and many more things to do. Quite a number of those who have taught me have already crossed the veil, and I get reminders of that every time a young person addresses me as "sir" or "Mister" because I remember when I was young and addressed older people that way. Kind of catches my by surprise because I always operate on a first name basis with everyone, and I am still not always thinking of myself as old, just an elder.

Many of us have become elders without realizing it until we get reminders like this. Plus we do get some visual reminders. I think that everyone I met and did readings for today had tatoos and piercings but me. So compared to them, I am the one who is different and stands out by having plain skin. So I am gladly embracing the role of elder and teacher for these young ones. I am happy that they want to learn and happy that I can do it.

There was a time when I did not think that I would ever live this long, so I cherish all the time that spirit has given me.

Interestingly, when I ask others what is your first thought every morning, I get a variety of answers, and a number of people give an answer like mine. My first thought, my first words every day? Thank you for giving me another day. That always gets things off to a good start.

I love all of you and I am always happy to hear from you.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

From Night to Light: Becoming Stars in Our Own Lives

This is the Star from the Tarot of Origins, one of the most creative star images of any deck. It reminds us of how we have the ability to create light in our lives.

Every night before I go to bed, I go outside to gaze at the night sky. There are lots of ways to meditate and this is an easy one.

Looking at the moon, stars, planets and clouds, I simply admire the beauty of this part of our world and let my imagination and my thoughts roam. It calms my mind to watch the flow of clouds around the moon and how it peeks out and then may be hidden again and how the light illuminates clouds even when the moon is not visible herself from behind them. As I watch this slow ballet, thoughts taper off and my mind becomes quiet as I am doing nothing more than watching and appreciating the beauty of it all.

Sometimes as I gaze, thoughts pop into mind about UFOs and ETs, and I wonder what the truth is about what other life may be out there. I do not know, but sometimes I like to listen to a late night radio show called Coast to Coast AM which features all kinds of discussions. Some nights they may be discussing astrology, astronomy, past lives, psychic research, near death experiences, ancient civilizations and other fascinating topics. Other nights, they may have people calling in discussing their sightings of UFOs or bigfoot or ghosts or other phenomena. I have no idea how much truth there is in all this, but some nights, I feel like it is just like sitting around the campfire with people taking turns telling stories. And I love good stories.

Stories, whether truth or fiction, are one of the oldest methods of communication we enjoy. People have entertained each other this way since the first campfires, way back before we knew how to read and write. Folklore, mythology and wisdom are all presented to us in story form. Farmers almanacs are a similar source of wisdom and entertainment, which is why I always have them around. Our interaction with nature is an integral part of life, no matter how deeply we think about it, or how slightly we touch on it.

Almanacs contain information about weather, and also tips on the best times to plant and harvest which coincides with advice on the best times to begin or end new business, and the best times to cut hair, trim nails, and other things. Other sections contain folklore and history as well as cooking and household advice that are quaint, well weathered and useful.

Each night, as I complete my session of gazing at the night sky, I give thanks to my spirit guides once again for all the good things they have done for me and for having one more opportunity to view all this beauty and live another day. And at this moment, I feel peace and serenity and feel my spirit and my face smiling as I head inside to go to bed soon.

It is amazing how a practice so simple cleanses the mind, brings peace to our nerves and anxieties and invites a feeling of contentment to settle over this.
As we gaze up at the night sky, many of you may have already entertained thoughts about your dreams and your future. This is a natural reaction to the vastness of space. There are so many millions of dots of light out there that they are beyond our counting, and that subliminally suggests to us that each of us has more potential than we know about.

It is these thoughts which may prompt inspiring new ideas. These night lights show us the way to become stars in our own lives. I am not referring to celebrity aspects here, rather focusing on achieving the visions we create for ourselves. Whether we view the night sky as romantic, mysterious, or inspiring, we are prompted to think of other things we would like to do. Whether we take action on them is another matter.

I often find that this is a prime time for me to communicate with spirit, and it is after these sky gazing sessions that I may get inspired to write these messages to you or get new ideas for my health, home, relationships or business.

An old saying is that when we are praying we are talking, but when we are meditating, we are listening. Quiet times can be very productive.
Coming away from gazing, I have practical as well as fanciful thoughts. I think about my impending downsizing of my belongings as I prepare to move in with my sisters in their house. I remember how when I came out here, I had nothing and started to build a whole new phase of my life from the people, places, opportunities and things I encountered when I got here. Now as I prepare to reorganize again, I am sharpening my vision of the next phase of my life. The vision always precedes the action. It is invigorating and refreshing to engage in this process.

Amazing how much can come from simply gazing at the night sky before bedtime, isn't it?

I promised my spirit guides that I would help whoever they send and that I both need and want their help in serving all of you because I believe that everyone who contacts me is guided here by spirit. So I always dedicate myself to doing the best for each one of you.

I love all of you and I love it when you keep in touch.

Every day is different. Every day is a new creation that is a result of our interaction with spirit, nature and everyone else.

Life is good. Thank you for being part of mine.

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Abundance of Light in Our Lives

Look how full my gratitude jar is getting! Are you expressing gratitude every day for all that is going well? Gratitude for all the good people in your life?

Spirit inspired me to write to you today on the Summer Solstice, which is the day of the year during which we get the most sunlight. It is a perfect metaphor for the abundance of love and light that is all around us. 

Although our calendars say that this is the first day of summer that makes no more sense than saying that the Winter Solstice is the first day of winter. All of us have been doing summer things before today, haven't we? And we will certainly have experienced cold and snow long before December 21, won't we?

This is the day on which Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream is set, because according to the older calendars, this really is mid-summer, not the beginning of summer. Of course, you all know that this appeals to my Puckish/Pannish sense of humor.

I just got back from spending two weeks in Chicago to visit my mother and spend time with other relatives I have not seen in a while. My mother just had surgery to clear blocked arteries in her legs as well as having her 93rd birthday. She is recovering well and her spirits and attitude are returning to normal. She is doing her rehab work and is determined to get back to getting around and living her life the way she wants. Some people do not like to do their rehab work after surgery, and this is important. I mention this to all of you because whatever challenges we face in life, our frame of mind, positive thinking, are instrumental in recovery.

While I was gone, I responded to those of you who were contacting me for appointments so that I could see you when I returned, and my attention stayed focus on visiting with family members. While I was gone, there were some people who wanted appointments with me or wanted me to come to their parties and so some had to find someone else for those readings and events because they could not wait. There is a lesson in abundant thinking and perspective here. I knew that I made this journey to spend time with family and simply trusted that spirit would send me more people when I returned and got back to business. And they have. My spirit guides always help me and I am grateful for them and keep in touch with them every day. Gratitude is the first step in that process.

It was very satisfying to see how magnificently the younger ones are progressing. Quite amazing to see my granddaughter developing her career as a CPA and my nephew and his girlfriend developing their successful bodybuilding business. I did not want to deal with the heat and traffic downtown, so one evening one of my sisters and my brother-in-law went to the Irish American Heritage Center to enjoy some music, accompanied, of course, by Guiness. 

My sisters, one of my nieces and I enjoyed a walk on a brilliant trail that Chicago built on some old unused railroad tracks. The 606 trail is above street level and the old tracks are paved over so that people can walk, run, bike, skate or skateboard on a smooth cement path. The edges are beautifully landscaped with flowers and trees and there are rubber tracks along the edges for walking. You know, that spongy kind of material that the tracks in gyms feature. And this path is through some of the vibrant, artsy in town neighborhoods. Lots of people were using it. And there were lots of new apartments or condos being built alongside it and many people built rooftop gardens and patios at eye level with it. 

Spent time with my sister from Montana who made a radical career change late in life, starting her own art studio and gallery and getting a whole second wind, letting her creative juices really flow. She and my other family members are creating vortexes of joy all around them. 

Had a visit with a cousin who introduced me to folk music and guitar back when I was in high school, and had lunch with an old friend I had not seen since we were in Boy Scouts together. Discovered that my daughter's advertising agency is producing some of the campaign materials for the Colorado elections. She and my son-in-law made a hobby out of completely remodeling the house they live in when they are not doing their day jobs, and it is beautiful. Also enjoyed a first meeting with a great granddaughter who was full of the midsummer spirit.

The light of this season has really bathed me in a reflective mood, just as it casts its spell over the characters in Midsummer Night's Dream.

Since I have returned, I have been busy keeping the appointments I made while I was gone and reconnecting with all those I can catch up with. 

Two really incredible developments among all those of you who are reading this that I want to reflect on are these: the amazing young people who have been increasingly coming to me and those of you who I have not seen in a long time renewing contact.

Earlier this year, I wrote about 2018 being a 2 year, a year in which partnership is emphasized, and these are certainly examples of it.

I am feeling a tremendous amount of gratitude for all of you. 

Summer is a time of youthful feelings. 

One extremely noteworthy development is that some of my new clients, who are 17, 18, 19 and in their 20s, are quite amazing. It is inspiring and joyful to see these young people thinking ahead about creating the life they want, acting from a higher consciousness to improve themselves, asking great questions and really focusing on creatively following their path taking steps to bring their visions into reality. They know things now that I did not know at their age and this will help them have incredible futures. I wish I knew this stuff when I was 17 or 18. Wow!

The other heartwarming note that I would like to convey to all of you is this. I always welcome your contact, not only when you are making appointments. Some of you write notes back when one of these newsletters happens to touch on an idea or development that is timely for you, or note that a suggestion I have made really worked for you. 

All through this year, I have had individuals contacting me for new readings, healing sessions, house blessings and parties who met me years ago and enjoyed and got value from their sessions, and then decided to get back in touch after a long time. Some of you tell me that you have enjoyed reading my newsletters all these years, but had not mentioned it until recently. This really makes my heart smile!

Sometimes I really have to jog my memory to remember when or where we met. Often I remember someone better when I see them than just hearing a name. Even when I am doing long distance readings, I like doing video calls so that I can see a person when we are talking, because seeing is another way that spirit helps me communicate. 

So for all of you who enjoy these newsletters, you do not have to wait so long in between to contact me if I can help you and you do not need schedule another reading to say hello. 

I like hearing how you are doing, and I am always willing to answer a brief question from any of you at any time. 

I love all of you and encourage all of you to bask in this great light of gratitude that is all around us, all the time. Love, joy, healing and happiness are within our reach, every day. 

I promised my spirit guides that I would help whoever they send me, and so I do. I love what I do and being who I am and every one of you has contributed to this feeling. So thank you for being part of my life!

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Magical Energy of Moving

We are in a 2 year, a time for planning and partnership. Here is another real life example of planning and partnership in this 2 year.

In the last newsletter, I wrote about the decision I had to make about housing because someone bought the property where I live and is jacking up rents. This was the second time in three years I had found myself in this situation.

I have also mentioned to you before that I have two sisters who live here, and that is how I came to move out here in the first place. What we have decided is that I will move in and share the house with them. 

For this to happen, there will be some renovation and rearranging necessary, and that will take a little time. In the house, I will have a private office in which the reading table and reiki table will always be set up, and the space is enclosed for privacy with solid walls and a  door. 

My sisters have dogs and cats, but they will not be in my office, so I can assure you that my office will always be kept clean and the animals will never interrupt our private sessions. 

They also have a little gardening space available in the yard where I grow the comfrey that is the central ingredient in my bath salts and salve. And there will also be a few other things planted there as well. Lots of flowers and some herbs. It is a lovely yard with trees and shrubs and a nice place to sit and relax in good weather.

The new location will be in the same area of Longmont, for those of you who come to see me in person. The house is down Mountain View, the other side of Main Street. Since there will be work being done at their house I will be at my same location, continuing to see you here in the same place where you have seen me for the last year and a half, and expect to start seeing clients in the office at the house in September. I will announce a specific date when everything is ready and I will move and begin to have all appointments at the new office. 

In the meantime, I will be sorting through all my things and deciding what will go with me and what I will let go of. This is not the first time I have done this. I find this exercise to be very cathartic and a great way to refocus energies. When I moved out here 12 years ago, all I had was my car and what was in it. Making a major move causes us to decide what do we really need most and what we are going to do next. One decision we made today was figuring out which room will be the office, so that will be comfortable, clean and ready for clients. It is large enough so that there is plenty of space for reading and healing.

I think that this will be a great exercise for all of us. Although I have always had my own apartment, this move will help my sisters as well as me. Both are going through career changes.

Since I was able to work out this new arrangement, I will be keeping all my prices the same for private sessions. The only price increases, and these were not due to the move, are in the reiki and tarot classes I teach. Although prices on those two items are increased, there are more sessions included to give a person a more in depth training, and those were due for revision.

Making this decision clears my way to begin the paring down process, rather than continuing to look around and hunt for better deals.

During the process of refocusing, we are presented with opportunities to decide exactly what we want to spend more time and energy on and what to let go of, and this process serves to strengthen our clarity and our drive toward our goals. It is a whole process of rejuvenation, a breath of fresh air.

So of course, I am still here, ready for appointments. This weekend my schedule is open, while next weekend I will be working in Pueblo. Is there something you would like this weekend?

And on a side note, if any of you are in transition and need some household goods like furniture, a big flat screen TV, kitchen ware or other things, feel free to ask me. There are some great things that will need a new home.

The magical awakenings are happening to me as well as you.

I love all of you and hope that you are having a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Magical Encounters with Young People

Hawk is also one of my spirit animals. Yes, I know it is a bird, but many books about the subject treat it as a shorthand, including birds, reptiles, fish, insects and other creatures in the same books, along with animals.

One day a young lady in her 20s brought her mother to me for reiki healing. Her mother was in pain because she had knee replacement surgery, and the daughter thought that reiki could help but the mother was totally skeptical.

After the introductions, the usual way a healer would proceed would be to invite the daughter to go relax in one of the chairs while I work on the client. Then spirit just popped the idea into my head, so I asked the young lady if she would like to help heal her mother, and she responded enthusiastically, so I brought her directly into the process and showed her some positions and led her through exercises and with this brief lead in, we worked on her mother. I led and directed the process, and the daughter really enjoyed the experience and wanted to learn more. The mother, to her astonishment, got up and said that not only did her leg feel better but that she felt very clear minded and calm, and had an increased energy level. Remember, she had come to the session reluctantly, because of her daughter's urging, not believing that this would really work.

That worked so well that since then, I thought, why not do this whenever the opportunity presents itself?
Why not? Why sit the companion off to the side rather than include them in the process? 

Next time, it was a mother with a teenage daughter, and once again, with brief instruction, she helped, and once again, both mother and daughter had a great experience. The daughter watched me use my pendulum to read the energies and she asked if she could try it. I let her. She loved it and said that she wanted to get a pendulum, so I gave her one and she immediately began to use it. The mother got healing and the daughter felt wonderful for helping and got curious to learn more. 

These types of experiences have happened in my practice a number of times now, and I have taught this to my current student apprentice. Some of what I am doing now I did not teach to earlier students simply because these new aspects have evolved from the practice and my spirit guides began encouraging me to alter my techniques and sending more people my way, creating incredibly synchronistic encounters.

At the fair in Colorado Springs this past weekend, a mother brought her two daughters with her, ages 13 and 16, and they all had readings. The 13 year old mentioned that fox was an animal that was special to her, and I showed her the little fox totem on my table. Her eyes got big and her mother reminded her that there are no coincidences. Then I gave the daughter a second fox totem that I had on the table, one carved from stone. I just knew it was the perfect thing to do. Spirit sent these people to me. And they emphasized the lesson by sending 3 more mother and daughter pairs to me last weekend. Sometimes the mother leads, and sometimes the daughter leads.

Spirit also sent me two other people this past weekend, whose stories I will not share but it is a certainty that spirit directed them precisely to me because what was shared was absolutely unique and would only have occurred with these individuals. 

So my spirit guides have been extremely pointed in their interactions with me. These meetings with clients have absolutely confirmed their assistance and guidance. 

Lately, many younger people have been coming to me and they are quite remarkable. For one thing, I am certain of what I am saying because I have done the numerology on their birthdays. Some of the young people I am working with and have taught recently show a maturity far beyond their years and a genuine desire to be healers and be of service. Another aspect that prompted an awakening in me is that many of these young people are already familiar with terms like chakras, auras, karma, reiki, reincarnation and other metaphysical terms, so that I can just keep going with the conversation without having to stop and explain.

My current student apprentice in reiki is 21 and she is incredibly good as a reiki healer and a really bright spirit. She is diligent in her study and practice and we are doing some amazing healing sessions together, reiki master and student apprentice working on clients at the same time. 

Cumulatively these experiences have given me pause. Why?

When I think back to when I was 21, if anyone had mentioned any of this to me, I would not have had the first clue what they were talking about. 

I learned all of this later in life, and for most of my years in practice, my clients have been a little older. So this new wave of clients and students has been prompting new waves of thoughts. Teaching these younger people is a real joy and a breath of fresh air. Learning to work with energy was sort of mysterious and puzzling for a lot of us who are older. Some of the younger ones seem to grasp it more quickly and flow right into it. Since they have learned so much at these younger ages, what is the potential for them as their life progresses? Even greater than ours. They can take what we have to teach them and take it to the next level, and imagine what that will look like.

My healing practice has grown substantially since my two nurse spirit guides have joined me. The energy coming through is more powerful and clients are reporting increasingly good results. I have asked them to help me grow my reiki practice and they are doing a remarkable job of it.

And apparently, they are showing me that it is time to bring in more of the younger people. Teaching and mentoring between younger and older is an essential part of life, and in this metaphysical realm this new wave of energy has been quite astonishing, and I am very happy to be part of it. 

Between the new people and my spirit guides I keep coming up with variations on my reiki practice and when I shared a few of them with another reiki master this weekend in Colorado Springs. She was quite moved and saw the value in adding them to her practice even though she is older and has many years of practice. She is a very bright spirit and we connected strongly on this topic. Once again, it was clear to me that my spirit guides wanted me to share these things with her. I am looking forward to her feedback.

Expanding the practice with new methods, including additional people into the healing session, and better ways of teaching have all come out of my practice. Some of what I teach is the same as what you find in most books, and then there is a whole body of work that was born from experience and different than what a lot of other people are doing. After 22 years as a Reiki Master, I am still learning new things about it. And what a phenomenal experience it is.

One of the other benefits from all of this healing activity is that my diabetes is getting significantly better. An exam and blood test with my doctor confirmed it. I have lost weight and got my blood sugar levels down to half of what they were. Half. My doctor was both surprised and happy to see the improvement. What I mean by this is not that I have had a lot of other people working on me, although I do love to barter with other healers. And I have seen a doctor of Chinese medicine for acupuncture and herbs, and all that helped. But the most consistent factor is the heart centered energy of reiki.

What I am referring to is that when we do reiki, the energy travels through us to get to the client, and that always leaves some residual amount of that healing energy with us. So I have been very conscious about my food and beverage choices, work out at the gym almost every day, take medicines, practice positive thinking, work with my spirit guides and I have been doing a lot of healing work with others. This is a perfect example of you get back what you put out. This is very heart centered work. Heart energy rather than technical skills is what really drives the process in my view.

The magical awakenings are happening to me as well as you.

I feel young. I feel happy. I feel like doing this for another 100 years. Maybe I will even get to see the Cubs win another World Series!