Friday, May 11, 2018

The Magical Energy of Moving

We are in a 2 year, a time for planning and partnership. Here is another real life example of planning and partnership in this 2 year.

In the last newsletter, I wrote about the decision I had to make about housing because someone bought the property where I live and is jacking up rents. This was the second time in three years I had found myself in this situation.

I have also mentioned to you before that I have two sisters who live here, and that is how I came to move out here in the first place. What we have decided is that I will move in and share the house with them. 

For this to happen, there will be some renovation and rearranging necessary, and that will take a little time. In the house, I will have a private office in which the reading table and reiki table will always be set up, and the space is enclosed for privacy with solid walls and a  door. 

My sisters have dogs and cats, but they will not be in my office, so I can assure you that my office will always be kept clean and the animals will never interrupt our private sessions. 

They also have a little gardening space available in the yard where I grow the comfrey that is the central ingredient in my bath salts and salve. And there will also be a few other things planted there as well. Lots of flowers and some herbs. It is a lovely yard with trees and shrubs and a nice place to sit and relax in good weather.

The new location will be in the same area of Longmont, for those of you who come to see me in person. The house is down Mountain View, the other side of Main Street. Since there will be work being done at their house I will be at my same location, continuing to see you here in the same place where you have seen me for the last year and a half, and expect to start seeing clients in the office at the house in September. I will announce a specific date when everything is ready and I will move and begin to have all appointments at the new office. 

In the meantime, I will be sorting through all my things and deciding what will go with me and what I will let go of. This is not the first time I have done this. I find this exercise to be very cathartic and a great way to refocus energies. When I moved out here 12 years ago, all I had was my car and what was in it. Making a major move causes us to decide what do we really need most and what we are going to do next. One decision we made today was figuring out which room will be the office, so that will be comfortable, clean and ready for clients. It is large enough so that there is plenty of space for reading and healing.

I think that this will be a great exercise for all of us. Although I have always had my own apartment, this move will help my sisters as well as me. Both are going through career changes.

Since I was able to work out this new arrangement, I will be keeping all my prices the same for private sessions. The only price increases, and these were not due to the move, are in the reiki and tarot classes I teach. Although prices on those two items are increased, there are more sessions included to give a person a more in depth training, and those were due for revision.

Making this decision clears my way to begin the paring down process, rather than continuing to look around and hunt for better deals.

During the process of refocusing, we are presented with opportunities to decide exactly what we want to spend more time and energy on and what to let go of, and this process serves to strengthen our clarity and our drive toward our goals. It is a whole process of rejuvenation, a breath of fresh air.

So of course, I am still here, ready for appointments. This weekend my schedule is open, while next weekend I will be working in Pueblo. Is there something you would like this weekend?

And on a side note, if any of you are in transition and need some household goods like furniture, a big flat screen TV, kitchen ware or other things, feel free to ask me. There are some great things that will need a new home.

The magical awakenings are happening to me as well as you.

I love all of you and hope that you are having a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Magical Encounters with Young People

Hawk is also one of my spirit animals. Yes, I know it is a bird, but many books about the subject treat it as a shorthand, including birds, reptiles, fish, insects and other creatures in the same books, along with animals.

One day a young lady in her 20s brought her mother to me for reiki healing. Her mother was in pain because she had knee replacement surgery, and the daughter thought that reiki could help but the mother was totally skeptical.

After the introductions, the usual way a healer would proceed would be to invite the daughter to go relax in one of the chairs while I work on the client. Then spirit just popped the idea into my head, so I asked the young lady if she would like to help heal her mother, and she responded enthusiastically, so I brought her directly into the process and showed her some positions and led her through exercises and with this brief lead in, we worked on her mother. I led and directed the process, and the daughter really enjoyed the experience and wanted to learn more. The mother, to her astonishment, got up and said that not only did her leg feel better but that she felt very clear minded and calm, and had an increased energy level. Remember, she had come to the session reluctantly, because of her daughter's urging, not believing that this would really work.

That worked so well that since then, I thought, why not do this whenever the opportunity presents itself?
Why not? Why sit the companion off to the side rather than include them in the process? 

Next time, it was a mother with a teenage daughter, and once again, with brief instruction, she helped, and once again, both mother and daughter had a great experience. The daughter watched me use my pendulum to read the energies and she asked if she could try it. I let her. She loved it and said that she wanted to get a pendulum, so I gave her one and she immediately began to use it. The mother got healing and the daughter felt wonderful for helping and got curious to learn more. 

These types of experiences have happened in my practice a number of times now, and I have taught this to my current student apprentice. Some of what I am doing now I did not teach to earlier students simply because these new aspects have evolved from the practice and my spirit guides began encouraging me to alter my techniques and sending more people my way, creating incredibly synchronistic encounters.

At the fair in Colorado Springs this past weekend, a mother brought her two daughters with her, ages 13 and 16, and they all had readings. The 13 year old mentioned that fox was an animal that was special to her, and I showed her the little fox totem on my table. Her eyes got big and her mother reminded her that there are no coincidences. Then I gave the daughter a second fox totem that I had on the table, one carved from stone. I just knew it was the perfect thing to do. Spirit sent these people to me. And they emphasized the lesson by sending 3 more mother and daughter pairs to me last weekend. Sometimes the mother leads, and sometimes the daughter leads.

Spirit also sent me two other people this past weekend, whose stories I will not share but it is a certainty that spirit directed them precisely to me because what was shared was absolutely unique and would only have occurred with these individuals. 

So my spirit guides have been extremely pointed in their interactions with me. These meetings with clients have absolutely confirmed their assistance and guidance. 

Lately, many younger people have been coming to me and they are quite remarkable. For one thing, I am certain of what I am saying because I have done the numerology on their birthdays. Some of the young people I am working with and have taught recently show a maturity far beyond their years and a genuine desire to be healers and be of service. Another aspect that prompted an awakening in me is that many of these young people are already familiar with terms like chakras, auras, karma, reiki, reincarnation and other metaphysical terms, so that I can just keep going with the conversation without having to stop and explain.

My current student apprentice in reiki is 21 and she is incredibly good as a reiki healer and a really bright spirit. She is diligent in her study and practice and we are doing some amazing healing sessions together, reiki master and student apprentice working on clients at the same time. 

Cumulatively these experiences have given me pause. Why?

When I think back to when I was 21, if anyone had mentioned any of this to me, I would not have had the first clue what they were talking about. 

I learned all of this later in life, and for most of my years in practice, my clients have been a little older. So this new wave of clients and students has been prompting new waves of thoughts. Teaching these younger people is a real joy and a breath of fresh air. Learning to work with energy was sort of mysterious and puzzling for a lot of us who are older. Some of the younger ones seem to grasp it more quickly and flow right into it. Since they have learned so much at these younger ages, what is the potential for them as their life progresses? Even greater than ours. They can take what we have to teach them and take it to the next level, and imagine what that will look like.

My healing practice has grown substantially since my two nurse spirit guides have joined me. The energy coming through is more powerful and clients are reporting increasingly good results. I have asked them to help me grow my reiki practice and they are doing a remarkable job of it.

And apparently, they are showing me that it is time to bring in more of the younger people. Teaching and mentoring between younger and older is an essential part of life, and in this metaphysical realm this new wave of energy has been quite astonishing, and I am very happy to be part of it. 

Between the new people and my spirit guides I keep coming up with variations on my reiki practice and when I shared a few of them with another reiki master this weekend in Colorado Springs. She was quite moved and saw the value in adding them to her practice even though she is older and has many years of practice. She is a very bright spirit and we connected strongly on this topic. Once again, it was clear to me that my spirit guides wanted me to share these things with her. I am looking forward to her feedback.

Expanding the practice with new methods, including additional people into the healing session, and better ways of teaching have all come out of my practice. Some of what I teach is the same as what you find in most books, and then there is a whole body of work that was born from experience and different than what a lot of other people are doing. After 22 years as a Reiki Master, I am still learning new things about it. And what a phenomenal experience it is.

One of the other benefits from all of this healing activity is that my diabetes is getting significantly better. An exam and blood test with my doctor confirmed it. I have lost weight and got my blood sugar levels down to half of what they were. Half. My doctor was both surprised and happy to see the improvement. What I mean by this is not that I have had a lot of other people working on me, although I do love to barter with other healers. And I have seen a doctor of Chinese medicine for acupuncture and herbs, and all that helped. But the most consistent factor is the heart centered energy of reiki.

What I am referring to is that when we do reiki, the energy travels through us to get to the client, and that always leaves some residual amount of that healing energy with us. So I have been very conscious about my food and beverage choices, work out at the gym almost every day, take medicines, practice positive thinking, work with my spirit guides and I have been doing a lot of healing work with others. This is a perfect example of you get back what you put out. This is very heart centered work. Heart energy rather than technical skills is what really drives the process in my view.

The magical awakenings are happening to me as well as you.

I feel young. I feel happy. I feel like doing this for another 100 years. Maybe I will even get to see the Cubs win another World Series!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Do Overs - A perspective

This picture is the 2 of Wands. Remember, we are in a 2 year. How can this apply to you?

All of us have moments or events in our lifetimes that we muse on and wonder how differently our lives would have gone had we chosen another path or another response.

What if we had chosen this person instead of that one for a partner? What if we had chosen that other career path instead of this one?  What if we had kept in better shape all along?
What if?  What if?  What if?

It is fine to muse and fantasize about such things. I do it all the time. After a bit of that, I come right back and make my present choices based on where I am now and where I want to go next.

Of course, we all know that we are here now because of the cumulative results of all those choices we have made so far.

Yes, it is too enticing for us not to consider every now and then. And as tempting as it is, we did choose the path we are on now, not the other one. Each of our choices was made using the knowledge we had at the time, following the feelings we had at the time, following dreams or desires we had at the time. 

From a cosmic perspective, we have all made the choices we have made because we had important life lessons to learn. As we all know, sometimes we learn what we like by trying it and seeing if it works for us, while other lessons teach us what we like and want more of by giving us a taste of what we do not like.

Now what is important for us to remember is that we have an opportunity to choose differently every day. Each day when we get up, as we reflect on all that we are grateful for, and think about what is ahead. And today we will make our choices using our current state of mind, our feelings, our to do lists and other things.

Here's what I do every morning. I ask my spirit guides if they have any messages that they want to pass on to me today. I ask them if there is anything I need to know. I ask them for ideas and inspirations. I ask them for signs. For example, every time I write one of these newsletters, I ask them what I should write about. Every time I have made a change in my practice, I have consulted with my spirit guides as well as reviewing my own experiences.

Then after their input, I take note of what really moves me, what inspires me, what I am passionate about, what are my visions for the future. First we have a vision and then we take action.

However, when we are stuck and vision and inspiration do not seem to be coming to us, then it is a good time to take some actions and remember what it is we really like. Getting back in touch with that can inspire us to reignite our passions by putting more energy into that which gives us the most energy. 

A lot of the great things I have learned in life came from following my curiosity, which is another form of inspiration. 

When I found myself wondering if various techniques really worked or if I could really do something, I was motivated to learn more and try it.

Take a look around the place where you live. Identify what really gives you a good feeling and imagine what would your place look like if you only had in it what you really love. If you are feeling bold, then let go of whatever you do not love. Now how does your space feel? What ideas does this process give you for what is next?

Just like every spring, we get a chance to replant our garden, we can metaphorically replant our life. 

Frequently when making metaphors, people have remarked that humans are amazing machines. What if we changed that just a bit? What if we looked at ourselves as living gardens, planting, watering, feeding, pruning, weeding, and thinning until we finally get the harvest we want.

Life is good. And I am happy to be here now, and participating in it with all of you. 

To every one of you who has been a part of my life, I love you.

Thank you!

Friday, March 16, 2018

It's Showtime! What new discoveries are you looking to make? Who are the old friends you want to see again?

We are heading into the busy show season again, and so all of you who come to see me for a reading when the show is one that is convenient for you, this weekend in Denver at the Merchandise Mart kicks it off again. And by June, I will have participated in every major show from Casper to Pueblo.

I always enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones. This show was the first big metaphysical show I was in after I moved to Colorado. 

Back then, I still had a corporate day job and I was on a waiting list for a year and a half because all the spots in this show were taken. So I called the organizer a few days before the show and asked him where I was on the list and he told me that there were several people still ahead of me. 

So I decided that it was time for me to get in and I had a talk with my spirit guides, and strongly and repeatedly pictured myself getting into the show, meeting lots of people and doing well.

This show has always run Friday through Sunday, so on Friday morning, I called in sick to my corporate job and affirmed that I was ready to work the fair and that this is what I would be doing all weekend. I was absolutely ready to change my life, and had no reservations about my choice. 

And 2 hours later, the show organizer called me and asked me  "Are you ready to work the fair today? We open in 3 hours." "Yes, I would love to." I answered. "I just have to put my stuff in the car and drive down there. I can be there in an hour."

What happened was that someone who had bought a booth cancelled at the last minute, so in that show, I was not listed in the program and no one knew I would be there. Since this was the first big fair I was in and had recently moved her from Atlanta where my practice was well known, but here I was one of the new faces. Yet, I just set up, greeted everyone who walked by my booth and pretty soon I got busy and was busy all weekend. People could just sense that I would do a good job for them, and they chose to sit at my table for a reading. And that was more than 10 years ago. I have worked the shows ever since. 

That helped make my transition from my day job into doing this as my full time career. 

Many of you have come to see me for private sessions since then and I love and appreciate all of you. It has been an incredible journey. 

These shows were created as a way of celebrating all the positive changes we are embracing and considering making and the amazing discoveries we have made on our paths. The format of brief readings that we do at the shows are so that everyone can have an opportunity to meet several people and see who they resonate with and find professionals who they would like to learn from or work with to get their feet solidly on their path and make their way to their next landmark in their lives, their next level of achievement, next level of consciousness.

I decided to share this story with you about how I got started doing these shows because it is an uplifting example of what happens when you use positive thinking to redirect the energies in your life and how important it is to work with your spirit guides. I work with my spirit guides every day, and I can say without reservation that they help me achieve all the successes I have in my life and they are working with me every day to provide good service to every person who comes to see me, whether it is for 20 minutes at a show or for a series of reiki or  tarot classes or private sessions, or whatever else they need. 

The deal I made with my spirit guides is very simple and direct. I told them that I will help whoever comes to me, for whatever they need, and I will always welcome their help in doing this. I openly admit that everything I do, I do with their help. 

So this weekend, I look forward to seeing all of you, and in the weeks between shows, my schedule is open to work with you individually. 

If there is a kind of session or technique you would like to try, maybe this time you want to try past lives, runes, dream interpretations, numerology, or reiki as well as or instead of, tarot. If there is something that you would like to learn, ask me. That is how I learned. I asked my spirit guides and I asked other people to teach me. 

Life is good. And I am happy to be here now, and participating in it with all of you. 

To every one of you who has been a part of my life, I love you.

Thank you!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

If you were to see yourself as a garden, what do you want to grow there this year?

It is kind of an odd cycle that we are in right now with 2 full moons again this month, following February which had none and January which had 2.

Full moons are a simple, yet powerful way of keeping in touch with the cycles of nature. 

Different cultures have different names for them, and the ones I use have these three themes coming next. Tonight's full moon is the Chaste, the next will be the Seed and then the Hare. 

Thematically, the pattern we are following is that we clean our space, then plant the seeds that we want to have grow in our lives this year, and then fertilize our plantings. 

If you have a farm or garden, the pattern is literal, although out here in Colorado, we do not plant until after Mother's Day because of the frequency of late winter storms, compared to when I lived in Atlanta and we always planted by the time of the Spring Equinox, which is in March. 

Now I know that a lot of you do not have a farm or garden, however, we can use the analogy of our selves as our garden. 

We all have things that we want to grow in our lives this year, so if you take it metaphorically, think about this. Do you want to grow a new relationship this year? A new career direction? A new set of workout habits? New eating habits? A new place to live?  All of these, and more, are developments that we are already working on.

If you are in an existing relationship and you want to make it better, or you love the career you are in and want to branch out in a new direction or strengthen the position you are in, that would be akin to caring for a perennial. Those plants we mulch over and prune so that the branches that come back this year are stronger and more productive.

Then there are the annuals. Think about courses that you want to take in order to learn something new so that you can develop a new creative interest or hobby, or be able to get into different kinds of work. I have known people who took a half year off of work so that they could hike the Appalachian Trail. Another old friend saved up so that he could fly to London to study playing the dumbek with Hossam Ramzy, the great Egyptian drummer, who you may have heard playing in Loreena McKennitt's band, among others. I once took a year off just to write a book. Others have changed the course of their lives to start organic farms or food trucks. 

What do you want to plant in the garden of your life this year? 

Seasons change, our ideas change over time. What we want to plant in our gardens evolves as well. I did not always grow comfrey, but now I do every year because I love working with this healing herb and I finally found a place in my sister's garden where it winters over well.

What about those inner drives, those desires you have put on the back burner? Often people say to me "I have been thinking about learning tarot or reiki for a long time, but never seem to have time for it. So this year, I am going to make time for it."

The full moons are a perfect time to relect on the good things that have happened to us this month and express our gratitude for it. And at the same time, it is a perfect time to express our intentions for what we want to have happen next. 

In ritual terms, there is a three day window for celebrating the full moons. This consists of the day before, day of, and day after. This is because technically, in astrological and astronomical terms, the precise time of the rising could fall at times when it is not convenient for us to do ritual, but certainly you can see the moon moving into fullness in the sky.

So think about the cycles coming up. We clear the way, we plant, we fertilize and nurture.

Following this same train of thought, we often need to follow a greater trajectory on a longer path to bring our changes from thought into action, from dreams into reality. That is why some people choose a path of mentorship rather than a single visit or a short course. We often benefit from having a guide help us navigate our path from where we are to where we want to go.

So if you view yourself as a garden, what would you like to plant, nurture and harvest this year? Clearing the ground can be akin to clearing a time every week to tend to that garden. 

Are you ready to do the planting to grow this year's garden? When you blossom, what do you dream of becoming? 

There is a lot of love in gardening. Traditional herbalists believe that when you tend to medicinal plants as they are growing, they give you back more healing energy when you need them. 

In other words, the love you put into gardening yourself is returned many times as you harvest and use what you have planted. 

How is your garden growing? What would you like it to grow? Who could not use more love in their life? Are you ready to turn your thoughts into actions? Are you ready to clear the way and plant the seeds for growth?

Friday, February 16, 2018

What do we want to be? What kinds of stories do we want to tell?

When I was in grammar school and relatives and friends of the family would ask "What do you want to be when you grow up?" the question always stumped me. After all, at that time the only things immediately of interest to me were Boy Scouts and baseball. Then when my dad put a basketball hoop on the back of the garage, that became a new interest. I delivered newspapers, first a weekly neighborhood paper, later a daily. I became real good at throwing a newspaper from a rolling bicycle. I wasn't interested in girls yet. So when adults would come at me with that bamboozling question, I found myself making up answers as I went. 

My parents cultivated the habit in us early about using the public library which developed a love of reading and learning. That has stayed with me to this day. When something catches my attention, I look it up. Now that we have the internet it is even easier. And even though we have the great convenience of the internet, I still like using the library. Learning to love to read led to writing. And eventually I became a professional writer. And that, in turn, led me to become a writer for metaphysical, literary, business and arts magazines. And that, in turn, opened the way for me to meet many great healers, psychics, musicians, artists, authors and interesting people I never would have met otherwise.

The first musical instrument I took up was the accordion, at my parents insistence. They were hoping that I would learn to play polkas, but that didn't really appeal to me. I did not care much for the pop music when I was young. Instead, I became enamoured of classical music and took up violin. Back in those days, the prevailing theory was that a student needed to do scales and finger exercises for a long time before you ever get a chance to play songs. So I got impatient with that and quit. Next I picked up the harmonica and learned to play just by listening to recordings and playing along with them, then guitar came the same way. For a number of years, getting together to play guitar and sing with other people became a great way to meet people and socialize.

Years later, I switched from that to hand drums when I became totally mesmerized by the energies that could be raised in drumming circles. Getting together with other people to drum became a great way to meet people and socialize. Add to that the visual of drumming for dancers and you have a really special combination of energies. I learned by playing with other people and also took lessons with a variety of teachers. Each time I changed instruments, new worlds opened up to me. The pleasure of making music combined with making new friends is always a good combo.

When I was a kid, one of the other things I did was collect rocks. It was another way of appreciating the world by just noticing what was interesting wherever I was walking and picking things up, taking them home and then looking them up to see what they were and what they were used for. I made displays with rocks for science fairs. Imagine my great surprise many years later when I discovered that people were using rocks for healing, massage, meditation and other things. I began to see the world in a whole new way. All of a sudden the way I saw rocks changed. 

One of our family traditions was always to play cards and tell stories after holiday dinners and special occasions and just for fun many evenings. Imagine my surprise when years later I discovered that people can do readings with cards. I had no idea. Once again, I saw something very familiar in a whole new light. Surprisingly, mom recently told me that grandma used to go to a local woman who used playing cards to read with. Interesting that she never mentioned that until I was reading cards. I guess we have to be inspired to tell stories. And as we share them, other things pop back into mind.

That brings up another thought. My dad took me for my first visit to a chiropractor when I was about 11. I had somehow twisted my neck playing ball and did not have full rotation all of a sudden. When the chiropractor took my head in his hands and gave it a twist, something popped and magically, I was back to normal. Back in those days, nobody I knew was getting massages regularly, but today, massage and chiropractic are part of my regular health maintenance. Once again, things changed. 

One of the other great things that arose from curiosity was reiki. I kept hearing people talk about it, and I wondered. Can people really help each other heal and feel better just by a light touch or no touch? That sounded strange to me, so I asked someone to teach me. Now I do both healing and teaching of this wonderful method. But when I first heard about it, I didn't know if somebody was pulling my leg.

I guess you could say I am grown up now, but who I am and what I do are constantly evolving. And I know that a lot of you reading this are evolving too. Like me, some of you used to work in other businesses and then later in life learned to do these other things that people used to think of as weird. Isn't it fun being weird? I love it!

Not just being weird for the sake of being weird, but finding different ways to live and appreciate life. Finding new and different ways to be of service to each other. 

One thing we know to be true is that it is natural for people to help each other. Love is expressed in different ways with different people. 

In case you are wondering why I chose to tell these stories today, I have to say that I was moved by many of the testimonials and reviews clients have been writing for me. You can see some of them below. Others are on primarily on Google or secondarily on Yelp.

You see, even though I had no clue what I wanted to be when I was a kid, today I can say that I am happy to be who I am, doing what I am doing, living where I am living, knowing the people I know.

And not just when I was a kid, but if you would have asked me 30 years ago if I thought I would be doing this in the future, I would have asked you what you were talking about.

Which brings me to one more beautiful point. With some of my older clients, I have to explain terminology sometimes because it is new to them. Words like chakras, auras, karma, reincarnation, spirit guides, and spiritual energies. These were not words that many of us were raised with. I am very pleased than many of my younger clients are already familiar with these ideas. The younger people are a pleasure to work with, and the world is evolving in a good way with them, because they know things that I did not know when I was in my 20s or younger. 

And given that many of us are living longer now, there is still more time to grow up and develop in ways we never imagined before.

What a good day this is to be alive!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Feminine Energy for 2018

As we have discussed, 2018 is a 2 year, and so partnership and planning are powerful energies that are happening this year.

A perspective on this you may not have considered is that partnership with our spirit guides is also a powerful component this year. 

In the tarot, the Priestess is the #2 card. The pictures here are different artists renderings of the Priestess from some of my favorite decks. Three above are from Tarot of Dreams, Tarot of the Old Path and Victorian Romantic Tarot. Three below are from Intuitive Tarot, Wildwood Tarot and Renaissance Tarot.

When we consider the meanings assigned to the Priestess, we get a vision of how exactly we can develop closer ties to our spirit guides and work with feminine energy this year.

One concept before we go further, and that is that every person contains some masculine and some feminine energies. So for example, when we are being aggressive in business, making a hard sell, driving a hard bargain, viewing others as competitors, rapidly expanding territory, we are using masculine energies.

When we are nurturing, being cooperative, calling on our intuition, gently eliciting support for a goal, being kind, empathic, and fluid in our positions and perspectives, we are using feminine energies.

So you see, a woman can use masculine energy and a man can use feminine energy. At different times, we go back and forth with this.

Tarot as a teaching tool has been with us and evolving since 14th century Italy. One of the fascinating and attractive aspects of it is that so many different artists have drawn the pictures differently, and many more are still making new drawings. 

Think of a deck like a coffee table picture book which you can just sit and look at sometimes to find inspiration and enlightenment. As a self teaching tool, you can use it to shift your frame of reference from a device for fortune telling to one for fortune creating. 

What are principles, ideas, and concepts that the Priestess can help remind us about? What are some lessons we can get from this image?

For one, the priestess is all about inner guidance. She really uses her intuition to help her make decisions. She is about trusting your feelings in making choices and decisions.

She can signal quieting yourself to becoming more connected with the divine. By doing this, a person can become more self confident. 

By focusing on visions, she becomes a seer, like the Oracles of Delphi, who revealed prophecy after inhaling and staring into the mists arising from the earth. How often do we get inspired, creative thoughts when we are simply out in nature, either walking or just sitting a relaxing and opening our minds to take it all in.

The priestess also knows mysteries and secrets. She knows the truths in a clearer way than they way they are often stated in books and scriptures. She intuitively knows how to do or say things that bring about healing. 

She is a powerful woman who needs a powerful partner, and having a woman of this quality in your life is likely a soulmate experience.

A priestess also possesses a magnetic sexual appeal as she knows how to combine her sexual energies with spiritual energies. These two together are a very potent mix that elevates a relationship with her to a powerful energetic experience.

As such, these traits symbolize aspects of reconciliation and reunion both with our selves and with others. 

That is why some artists draw her as one who is very comfortable interacting with all aspects of nature, including animals, weather, plants, and recognizing the spirit in all living things.

Then some draw her as more of a seer and magical person who resides in a temple and bestows gifts of love, healing, wisdom and insight upon those who come to call on her and ask for her advice. 

Some images may be more appealing than others because we all have different tastes in art. And some may also appeal to us more than others because these represent more of what we want in our life.

So consider all the ways that this priestess energy, feminine energy can help us partner with spirit and other people to help us create more of the life we want this year. 

If you were to see yourself calling on priestess energy, what would you be doing? If you were shifting your view of situations, events and relationships to a priestess perspective, what would you see differently?  If you were using priestess energy to get things done, how would they work differently?

In all of these ways, you begin to use the images in the tarot deck are tools to teach ourselves and learn important life lessons, and in so doing, we act in ways that becoming fortune creating. We are not doing fortune telling. When we use our energies in the divine feminine kind of way, we set about making life better for ourselves and all of the others in our lives.

So if you are a man reading this, how would you treat women differently if you recognized these energies in them?

And if you are a woman reading this, how would you use these energies to treat the men in your life differently? 

Priestess energies with be prominent all this year. How can we use them to make this a better year? Partner with the priestess. Partner with spirit guides. Perhaps a priestess is one of your spirit guides. 

What will you create in your life now, recognizing, calling on and using all these priestess energies? How can you use them to create a great 2018? What a year it can be!