Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Power of Our Undivided Attention

To be in the presence of another person is a gift. When we give them our undivided attention, we are showing our respect and appreciation for them. This is one of the ways that love becomes present in our lives every day. We make the most of every moment when we give it our undivided attention. And so it is with each day we live. It is one of the reasons why I love doing private sessions with people, to be able to give them my undivided attention, to appreciate every moment of our interaction, and to be able to know that that focus has made a difference.

When I work at parties and events, one of the things I have trained myself to do is to keep my attention focused on the person who is sitting with me, and filter out the sound and the traffic from elsewhere in the room. Some people have great difficulty doing that, so they do not work events and parties. In order to shift your focus, you must simply be able to give one hundred percent of your attention to the other person. In turn, they will engage at that level to hear what is being said. When we are able to do this, we can achieve a clearer level of communication and a better understanding between us.

Now consider focusing on every day in the same way. Each day, we get the most out of it by appreciating every moment and every thing we do. If we are working we focus on what we are doing while we are doing it. And when we are going out to do something fun, we focus our intention on being with who we are with and doing what we are doing.

I carry that same intention into my awareness of every day. There is something beautiful and special about all of the holidays during this time of year. Halloween is beautiful and special and laden with meaning as well as entertainment and so we savor the pleasure of all the joy of the costumes and pageantry and honor the spiritual aspects of this holiday, for those of us who do enjoy Day of the Dead or Samhain spiritual celebrations which are ways to honor those people who were close to us who died during the past year.

Then, as we progress into November, we are enjoying the fullness of autumn and the holiday of Thanksgiving. I have always loved this holiday because it is so pure and simple. It is about expressing appreciation and gratitude for our lives and what good things that have happened to us. That joy can also encourage us to enjoy the fresh start we may be working our way through after then end of a relationship that was not working out well or a new career change or health challenge we are navigating. How beautiful Thanksgiving is, being focused around having dinner with people we enjoy being with, the family and friends who are part of our lives. After dinner we turn our attention to games, conversation, music or other ways that we enjoy each other's company.

In the years when my work was transferring me to different cities where I had no friends or relatives, we would often organize "orphan parties" which meant that those of us who worked together and did not have family or close friends in the area would get together for a potluck dinner and social time. Those were some wonderful days too, when we all pooled our resources to make a good day of it. Instead of spending the day alone and feeling melancholy because of our situation, we got together and found a new level of communication and appreciation with those who were there. Once again, paying attention to the present moment.

That is why many of us have a visceral reaction when merchants skew the natural order of things and try to make Thanksgiving itself into just another day to have a retail sale. Or when it is Labor Day weekend or before Halloween when we are confronted with Christmas sale displays. The reaction is visceral because we sense that doing this rips away at the natural order of things. Enjoy Thanksgiving just for being Thanksgiving, and then when it is time, enjoy Christmas/Winter Solstice/Yule for what it offers us, and savor that time for what it is.

So today, give some thought to appreciating what this day has to offer and give your attention to whoever is part of this day with you. By doing so, we appreciate our own life more fully, and we appreciate those who are part of our lives more fully. By giving our full attention to whoever is with us at the moment, we bring light and clarity to each and every encounter. Celebrate the focus of each moment, and enjoy the presence of each person, and each thing we are doing and do it the best we can.

So remember that where your thoughts go, your energy goes. Are your thoughts in the present moment with you?

Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day whether you want to make an appointment or just to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I like hearing your stories of what has been happening since the last time we met. And of course, I am always ready to help with what is next. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Nature of Our Hunt

The full moon of October, whose light has been shining on us these last few days, is known as the Hunter's Moon or Blood Moon. For some of us, hunting in the same spirit of our ancestors who would go hunting every year before the onset of deep winter so that there would be meat to eat was an important preparation for the change of season.

For most of us now though, the hunt is metaphorical. We still hunt to feed ourselves, although our hunt now may be focused on finding work that suits us best, so that we can make a good living by doing something that we enjoy doing.

On the way to doing this, some of us may have work that supports us but does not deeply satisfy us and we satisfy that other part of our soul by hunting for the methods and activities that bring us joy, fulfillment and offer us a deep insight into who we are and what we are doing here in this life.

We see evidence of this in the fact that there is a never ending river of self help books and recordings to help us in this respect, plus many different healers, coaches, teachers, and others who are now a part of daily life helping us to find more joy, creativity, vibrant health and good relationships. All of this is part of our evolution.

How so? During our lifetime, we have seen people living longer, doing yoga, tai chi, water exercises, working out and enjoying physical activities like hiking, bicycling or dancing at advanced ages. And it was not that long ago that going to a workshop, taking a metaphyiscal class or going to see an alternative healer was considered an odd thing to do. But today we see massage therapists everywhere, and nurses in hospitals and caregivers in people's homes now are doing reiki with their patients and people in these professions are learning more about energy healing as a way to augment their other skills. Hospitals and doctors now advise people to try meditation as a way to improve health. Not too long ago, these developments would have been seen as far outside the norms.

How far has this evolution extended? One way is to look at the consciousness of younger people as well. Today, it is common that young people have a working knowledge of these things such as chakras, auras, positive thinking, affirmations, vision boards, soulmate relationships, visualization, meditation, connections to spirit guides and more. To put it in perspective, I never heard of any of this when I was in my late teens or 20s. It fills my heart with joy to see this because it means that these young people who are aware at these levels have great potential for their lives.

Hunting implies that we are focusing on achieving a goal. We are seeking that which will serve us well and assist us in our journey in life. So just like hunters who trek through the woods to find a deer or other big animal that will help feed their family, we trek through the great landscape of the mind, looking for those people and methods that will help feed our spirit. Our connections to spirit and our connections to other people are intimately related.

Our hunt is about partners, teachers, peers, mentors, friends, associates. And this is the root of why we make changes in the course of a lifetime. It is now normal that most of us will have more than one career during our life, we will live in more than one place, change religious beliefs, change political beliefs, change our ideas of fitness and fun, and these changes are as common as changing the ways we arrange our homes or the clothes we wear.

In this post industrial age, computers have changed a great deal about the way we do things. We are served best when we learn how to use this new technology and balance that with the down to earth things that we can do and love to do and do not require advanced computer technology.

So, in this respect, our hunts have changed. Hunting for just the right career path, the best partner, the most beneficial habits and activities are targets which we will reset a number of times during our life. What are you on the hunt for now? If you are sensing that the time is right for a change, you are simply going with the flow. Each time we reach a new stage of development, we reset our goals and begin the new hunt.

Once we have mastered the arts of survival, we can turn our attention to those things which have been tweaking our curiosity, those developments that increase our joy and explorations of possibilities. There is a wealth of experience just ahead. Once we identify those of greatest interest to us, our joy of living is multiplied. You see, when we find different ways to feed ourselves, we enjoy the walk as much as we do the hunt.

In the spirit of the season, as Halloween approaches, the photo above is one that I took at the Blackfoot Pathways Sculpture in the Wild Park located on the Blackfoot Reservation in Montana. It is titled "Tree Circus" by American artist Patrick Dougherty. From a distance, it looks like a circle of witches dancing in the woods, and it has windows and doors built in so that you can get inside it and examine it from all angles. It is all made out of branches woven together. A structure in the woods made out of wood. I loved the experience of walking in this sculpture garden. It is just one of those things that presents us with metaphorical questions. What do we think we know about witches? Is there anything about that that we can use? Is that something we want to learn about or is that just a whimsical image that is solely used for seasonal entertainment? What do we know about sculpture? How do we experience it? Twisted tree branches are just as much an art form as carved marble statues. Does that have anything to do with our lives? When we are on the hunt, all kinds of things pop up. Notice what affects our focus.

Spirit always brings things to our attention, then it is up to us to act on it. Or at least consider it before making our next move. The more we progress, the more mysteries we encounter. Within mysteries are secrets, and within those mysteries are the codes of our soul.

Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day whether you want to make an appointment or just to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I like hearing your stories of what has been happening since the last time we met. And of course, I am always ready to help with what is next. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Sharpening Our Focus

What lets our soul shine brightest? How often do we do that?

When we are consciously creating our lives, then we are enjoying doing what we do every day, not just on weekends.

Evolution is our path and we can see it when we consider the different careers we have had or relationships, or residences or major change of focus, and then look at where we are now. It is essential that we create our map to guide us toward our goal.

Take a look at what is ahead in the way of things we want to do more of. Take a look ahead at the people we want to spend more time with. What do you see? In your map of what your future looks like, is there alignment?

The illustration is Six of Swords from Tarot of the Old Path. I chose this one because it is about choosing our path to get to our goal with the assistance of our spirit guides.

Vision boards are one way to create a map that brings about that alignment. And there is another, invisible guide that we work on daily with our spirit guides. Interestingly, another term that is used for vision boards is treasure maps. Not a bad variation, because we will be rewarded when we stay on track.

For example, when looking at our current schedule, are we doing the things that we feel are most important to do? Are they right up front where we can address them or are they still on a back burner somewhere?

Dedication is one important factor that makes a difference. I made a vow to my spirit guides that I would take good care of whoever they send me. So that is why I keep my schedule open 7 days a week for those who need to see me. Some people may think that is too much and they would never do it that way. But some people need those weekend or evening appointments because of their schedule and other commitments. Dedication to me then, means that I make taking care of clients my first priority and after I take care of each of you every day, then I go to the gym, go to the store or go out or do whatever else I am doing. So I have time for everything, and I have simply clarified my order of progress.

Why do I do things this way? I am doing what my spirit guides signify is best for me to do. I feel good knowing that I have done my work well. It brings a smile to my face every time someone leaves my office feeling better than they did when they arrived. That is exactly why I feel good about my day's work every day.

Extending the mapping process into our consciousness , personal growth and development is also a challenging task. Moving often prompts us to look closely at what we are packing up to continue on our journey with us. When we look at our book collection and only keep those which we use a lot plus those we are certain we will read in the immediate future, we are sharpening our focus, and we lighten our load as we let go of those books that we never get around to reading or that were given to us as gifts or found on sale, but somehow ended up taking space on the shelf and getting bumped back in the order of priority. Face it, some subjects will always be higher and lower priorities. So thinning out our collections helps us focus.

The full moon in October is called the Hunter's Moon. And this time of year is traditionally hunting season. So for those of us who are not actually going out hunting game, our hunt is metaphorical. What are the things we want to set our sights on that are important to us to accomplish?

For our ancestors, it was important to have a successful hunt in order to feed our selves and our families. However, today's hunt may be about learning some subject or technique that keeps coming to mind. Today's hunt may be for just the right work situation, better relationships and improved health habits as well as new ideas, new activities and developments. Remember that those things that keep coming to mind are things that spirit wants us to focus on. When we are sorting through our book shelves, which are the ones that we feel are important for us to read next? Our spirit guides gives us clues. We will get a strong yes feeling in our gut when we are making choices and that helps us keep on track when we pay attention.

Think about this process as the same as cleaning out our clothes closets. Which are the things that fit us well and look good on us, and which are the things that have simply been hanging there for a year that are frayed because we have worn them until they are worn out, which are the things that do not fit us, which are the things we just never choose to wear? These are the things we let go of and give away so that someone else can use them. Same thing for our daily practices and the things that we read, the music that we listen to, the art we want to surround ourselves with, and the things that are useful to us now.

So you see, in mapping our way through this intense fall social season, we pay attention to the events we really want to go to, spend time with people whose company we appreciate, and meeting people who will play a part in our future.

So back to the question of what lets our soul shine brightest? That answer will vary for each of us. However, we can make our hunting season productive by mapping out where we want to go and using that as a way of staying on track so that we peel off the layers that cloud our light until we reach those destinations where we will shine brightest. Being of service to our selves and others illuminates our path.

Try the exercises I have illustrated above and see if your journey does not in fact feel even more productive and satisfactory.

Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day whether you want to make an appointment or just to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I like hearing your stories of what has been happening since the last time we met. And of course, I am always ready to help with what is next. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Breaking Out of Self Imposed Limitations

Happy Harvest Moon! As I write this newsletter under the light of the full moon we traditionally call the Harvest Moon, it is a perfect time to reflect on all we have harvested this year and look forward to enjoying this and thinking about how we want to grow from here.

So as we think about what is next for us, one of our biggest challenges is often breaking free of self imposed limitations. How many times have we had an opportunities that we stopped ourselves from taking?

We often do that because we fear failure. It is important to differentiate between foolish risks and calculated risks. How many times have we kept something on the back burner for years even though spirit keeps popping it into our mind. The questions to ask ourselves are these.

Our spirit guides are bringing things to our attention, but are we listening? When the same subject continues to be on the back burner and does not disappear, someone wants us to notice. So, at some point, we either dismiss the idea or move it to the front burner and make it an active part of our life.

There are some things in life that we need to master in order to advance. Some are essential. Others are simply free will choices, but the lesson is still about mastering knowledge and techniques in order to advance. When we drop the roadblocks and quit censoring ourselves, amazing things happen in our communication and that is called magic.

It is a matter of feeling, that feeling we get in our gut when we are making a choice. Feelings are spirit's way of guiding us, rather than using intellectual explanations.

Say YES more often in your life. When spirit brings something to your attention three times, check it out rather than put it on the back burner. You will always have a choice of saying this is not for me or making it part of your next level of activity and development.

Notice how a flow of energy opens when you finally make time for that which you have put off, but now feel ready for. You feel a resonance when you hear about something and you know it is of interest to you. When you feel that, say YES. This sets the energy in motion. If someone asks you to dance and you say "no I can't dance," Who just stopped you?

If someone offers you a business opportunity, if you don't feel your energy in it, then it is not the best way to go. Choose the way that encourages you to feel good every day. It is always true that there might be other ventures we might be in that would make more money, but do we really want to do that? When you get an offer that really suits you, you feel it right away. One word for this feeling is intuition. It is also one of the languages our spirit guides use to speak to us because feelings are more universal than words, and therefore clearer connections.

Once we feel that we want to be in a relationship, a job, an activity or a group, then our next step is how to become part of that and do it splendidly.

So our spirit guides are pointing the way and then it is up to us to use our use our will to make progress. The two together produce synergy, a combined energy, and desire is the fire in our engines. All of this is conscious choice. It is when it fits with that YES feeling in the pit of your stomach with no reservations, that you can be confident that you are making the right move.

After all, think about how we know things. We try new things and decide how we feel about it and we stick with those things that give us greatest satisfaction. And feelings drive our desire to learn, so pay attention to this language that spirit uses to speak with us.

Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day whether you want to make an appointment or just to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I like hearing your stories of what has been happening since the last time we met. And of course, I am always ready to help with what is next. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Healing and Our Hungers

Have you ever noticed how when you have an illness, injury or other physical challenge that first we need to just rest and heal. I have been sleeping longer now that I am on the mend. Plus of course, I am using herbs as well as prescriptions to address what needs to be addressed. And then the next phase brings a desire to rebound.

This week, for example, I finally got back to my normal work out speed and strength and lost a few pounds that stacked up while I was healing and sleeping a lot. Have you noticed how your desire grows for the things you missed when you were recuperating?

It is like our hunger for food. When we have been working or actively moving around, suddenly the next meal time we feel a true hunger. Not sort of nibbling or snacking. Devouring a meal. Refueling the engine.

Have you noticed that the same hunger arises when we have not been practicing those things that keep us on our path. That is when we find ourselves with a sudden desire to deepen our practices. Why? Because that same energy that summoned us, beckons us back again.

For example, for many years, I have done rituals on the full moons and when I miss it, I notice it because missing it throws my rhythm off. So I get back on track with the next moon. By the way, in addition to writing this newsletter on the full moon, I also made a new batch of bath salts for everyone who comes to see me this month. These parts of my full moon nights are helping me stay on track. Keeping in touch with you is a real blessing. If you are thinking of calling or writing, please do.

As you know, I have been a long time practitioner of reiki (a Reiki Master for 23 years now), and I keep discovering new dimensions to the process. Spirit keeps prompting me to advance my craft and learn more. My spirit guides are incredible teachers and companions. And they keep sending me the most incredible people to work with. Confidence in your alignment with spirit is critical when you are resonating powerfully with your choices.

Recently, for example, two lovely people I have known for years referred people to me who wanted a reader for their outdoor events. I so appreciated their offers and referrals that I was briefly tempted. Then I recalled why I do not do outdoor festivals any more and why I do not buy spaces in shows that are not metaphysical. In that instant, I just knew that my spirit guides would send me more clients to work with instead. And they did. The lesson from experience is this. Earlier, I figured that taking every opportunity was the way to go, so I was gone a lot. But then after taking a good look at my practice and what is working best, I just trusted that if I stayed on track, that all would be good.

You see, these are tests that spirit is giving us to see if we have the courage and confidence to stay on our path and really work it. And this can only come from experience. My spirit guides have helped me so many times that I know we are in alignment and that we are working closely together.

Think about it. Most of you met with me when you were at a turning point of some sort in your life. And many of you have shared your stories with me about what happened next. And that is a big part of the reason why I love doing what I do. The testimonials below really touch my heart. This is truly the reward of being a healer.

One of the joys of writing this newsletter is that every time I send one out, not only do appointments follow, but many of you send me back notes telling me how much you appreciated these articles and how they addressed something that was on your mind too.

I want to let each of you know that just as much as I have had an influence on you, you have also had an influence on me and you have shaped the trajectory of this stage of my life.

When we pause for a moment and consider the ripple effects of what we do, it is often greater than we knew. Read some of these testimonials in the section below. People are confirming that they did not just have a reading or a reiki healing. They experienced a magical awakening that has helped expand their consciousness, with fresh insights, focus and clear energy.

It is always my intention to do my best for everyone, and this focus and assistance from my spirit guides produces profound results. That feels so good that I have long ago decided that this is the way I will spend the rest of my life.

A couple of issues ago, I mentioned that I was under consideration for a book publishing contract. That deal did not work out, but I was honored to be asked. No disappointment. Someone else got the contract. That gives me more time to work with each of you, which is what I really want to do right now. I cherish the time we spend together. And I know that my spirit guides will be bringing me something else that will be good, it is just a matter of time. I have found myself in tight alignment with my spirit guides these days, and it feels great. The fact that this is producing good results for you too is a source of another dimension of deep satisfaction. Thank you. I appreciate every one of you.

Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day whether you want to make an appointment or just to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I like hearing your stories of what has been happening since the last time we met. And of course, I am always ready to help with what is next. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

The photo below is one I took in the Blackfoot Pathways Sculpture in the Wild Park in Montana. The Bridge, created by sculptor Cornelia Konrads of Germany, is suspended in mid-air, with a break in the middle. Picture it as a reminder to be conscious of what bridges we are building and maintaining with others. Also poses the question of what do we do when there is a break in our path?