Thursday, May 9, 2019

Our Self and Our Life as Gardens

Some people say that the human body is a marvelous machine, but I prefer to thing of us as a garden.

If we were to view our self and our life metaphorically as a garden, how would we treat it? In the spring we would turn the soil and loosen it up and decide what seeds we want to plant in our garden that we want to see grow this year. Then we would water and fertilize them so that they will grow. Then throughout the summer, we will weed and prune the plants in the garden, harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs as they grow into ripeness and appreciate the miracle of watching those seeds put up their first sprouts, then become stems which sprout leaves, then flowers and edible parts.

Our life is like that, isn't it? Just like a garden, we have to condition the soil and plant seeds if we want to see something grow. Then we have to nurture those plantings.

Now since we are speaking in metaphors, our nurturing consists of keeping our vision in focus, taking action in order to create progress, and set priorities, in other words deciding what are the most important factors that will help us achieve our goals and visions. Pruning is cutting off what is dead, damaged or not needed. So when someone or something is tempting to pull us off track, we cut off those distractions to stay focused.

Sometimes as we are waiting for the seeds to sprout, it may look like nothing is happening, but that is because we only see what is on the surface. Under the surface, in the dark, energy is gathering to open the shell of the seed and release its life force. Persistence and focus are needed. Some processes simply take a certain amount of time.

Every time we restate our vision clearly, that is building energy toward achieving it. Like watering the ground where we planted the seeds. Every time we affirm our vision clearly, we are promoting the seeds growth and evolution. And as we keep our focus, growth and evolution toward achieving those goals are ours as well.

There is another principle that helps us have a successful garden, and that is working with the cycles of nature. So we plant root crops when the moon is waning (growing smaller) so that those seeds grow down into the earth, and on the waxing moon (when it is getting bigger) the plants that grow what we are consuming above ground.

So on the new moon, when it is dark, we delve into our inner work, our instrospective, reflective work. In the light of the full moon, we are celebrating all the visible growth and progress that we are enjoying.

What are the natural energies we are tuning into when we want to make changes in our life? Get in touch with the energies you want to cultivate. What times of day, week, month and year are best for making big public moves and what times are best for going within, being quiet and withdrawing to devote more time to study, practice and research?

Proper placement makes all the difference. Knowing which plants like more light and which ones like more shade gives us direction as to where they will do best. And knowing which ones are the best companions is another indication of where things should go.

Same for our life. Knowing the best place to make our move and who are the best companions for these efforts contribute to beautiful and abundant growth.

Looking at your self and your life as gardens, how do you see the best way to go about it this spring?

I love all of you and love to help you to find your way into your alignment. I will always do my best for all of you with the assistance of my spirit guides.

Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day whether you want to make an appointment or just to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I like hearing your stories of what has been happening since the last time we met. And of course, I am always ready to help with what is next. Sometimes people come to visit and have a cup of coffee or tea or we go get something to eat or go for a walk, and I love those visits too. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

How All Our Choices Arise Out of Love or Fear

An important axiom is that all of our choices arise from either love or fear. When I first heard that, I thought it was wrong. I thought that the opposites must be love and hate. However, if we think about all the poor choices we make they arise from fear while the good ones all come from love.

For example, when we say that we are settling for a certain partner because we are afraid we won't get a better choice, or we are taking a job we really don't like because we are afraid we won't get a better choice. How much better is it when we can say "I really want to be with this person, or I would love to do this work"?

Who we will love and what we will do for a living are two of the biggest choices we get to make in life.

Health choices are another. How many of us have thought of starting an exercise program as a way to simply work off calories, rather than enjoying the feeling of healthy movement and staying limber and raising our energy? How many of us view a healthy eating plan as depriving ourselves of sweets or alcohol or other things, rather than developing tastes and patterns that will help us get healthier so that we can enjoy life more?

When we act from love, we see and do things differently. For example, when I participate in fairs, I always bring fresh roses to give to my clients, and I make bath salts to give to clients who see me at my home office. Why? I enjoy seeing people smile. Advertising specialty companies used to call on me to suggest that I get ball point pens, key chains and other trinkets to give my clients, but I know that you like getting roses and bath salts much better.

Need a few more examples of love and fear? Bad behavior such as greed comes from a fear of not having enough. Jealousy comes from fear that we are not enough. Good behavior, such as kindness and generosity comes from humanitarian love for others. We are hardwired to help other people. It is part of our heart, our spirit, our nature. Why else would we help victims of disasters when we do not even know them? Because it is in our nature.

I also like to give clients CDs of music they can use for healing and meditation, but increasing numbers of people say they no longer have a CD player, that all they use are streaming sources. That is just the rapid change in technology, and I use them too. I stream music and movies, but I am still old fashioned when it comes to books. My eyes feel good about reading ink on paper rather than always being on the computer or an e-reader. Back when I started, everyone used to make cassette tapes for people. Evolution. I store all my work on the cloud now. Last week my hard drive died and I did not lose a thing. Years past, I had experiences where when my hard drive died, I lost tremendous amounts of work because technicians were unable to recover it.

One of the great rewards and validations I get from my work is when I can witness people getting better. When people get up off my table saying that they feel lighter, that pains and stresses they had are much less or gone, this is how I know I have done good work. When people tell me that a reading or consultation has helped them gain new insights or ideas, that confirms that spirit has really helped me provide help for that person.

I make myself available for client appointments days, evenings and weekends. If people tell me that they are having a hard time financially, I offer flexibility in my fees. I take care of all my clients first, then I go to the gym, or go shopping or go out to have fun. Why? Because I love what I do. I believe that everyone who calls on me is sent by spirit and I promised spirit that I would take good care of everyone who calls on me.

What other choices do we make in life that come from love or fear?

Sometimes, it is about taking those projects that keep coming to mind off the back burner. If it keeps coming to mind that we should read certain books, take a class, take up a musical instrument or some kind of hobby or sport, then maybe it is time to move that to the front burner.

Remember that any time spirit wants us to notice something, they bring it to our attention three times. So when we find ourselves saying "I would love to do that but I am afraid I do not have enough time" take another look at your schedule and your priorities and interestingly, you may find time to do that thing that keeps coming to mind and I bet that you find joy and satisfaction by making that change.

Being conscious of this choice has certainly changed me over the years, not just what I do, but also the way I feel.

Every morning, my first thought upon waking is to thank spirit for giving me another day. And then I find more things to be grateful for, and build on that loving energy of appreciation.

Every breath, every decision, every day, choose love over fear and see how much your life improves.

With every choice you face, ask yourself if you are choosing from love or fear. How do you act and feel when you choose from love rather than fear?

I love all of you and love to help you to find your way into your alignment. I will always do my best for all of you with the assistance of my spirit guides. Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day whether you want to make an appointment or just to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. Sometimes people come to visit and have a cup of coffee or tea or we go get something to eat and I love those visits too. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

How Gratitude Leads to Success

Gratitude is powerful. Notice how it feels to say Thank you for sending me more clients as compared to how you feel when you say Please send me more clients. Thank you is more powerful because it brings your rhythms into alignment with the state of receiving and being and doing. You act as if things are in process, not a wishing well away.

What we discover when we are expressing gratitude every day is that things keep getting better. Our spirit guides keep sending good developments and good people our way. By keeping our mind open to receiving what spirit is sending us, we get comfortable with the fact that things may not always turn out the way we pictured, but they do turn out well. This is because they may have the ability to see things that we do not, and so we must simply trust that we are proceeding toward our goals.

There are times when the reasons for our gratitude are obvious and things are falling into place exactly as expected. Then there are other times when we find ourselves wondering why we met this person, or why we were offered an opportunity to do this unexpected thing. We just need to trust. Remember, there are no accidents. Every person we meet, we meet for a reason. As a result, we sometimes are prompted into a reflective mood and others, we may be propelled into a huge change.

Notice how natural it is that when we are in a state of gratitude that we are also happy. We feel full when the universe is conspiring to aid us in our quest, our journey. It is like how you feel after a good meal, when you are comfortably full and do not wish for anything else. Just happy to be.

Gratitude is a key for helping us let go of jealousy. When we are happy with how things are going for us, we do not waste energy worrying about what others are getting. Gratitude gives us peace.

Sometimes we may feel as if we are not making much progress on our goals, but notice how when we express gratitude even for small favors, bigger ones soon follow. Our spirit guides appreciate when we express gratitude and then open the door to more for us.

How good do you feel when you are on the right track? When we express gratitude we feel like we are on the right track even if nothing is happening right now. Our shift in attitude stimulates a better response. So consider for a moment how we view our world.

Are we viewing ourselves from a position of lack? In other words, we fell short or we are not enough, we do not have what we need or really want? Or do we view ourselves as having what we need to enjoy our life today and what we need to make progress on our goals? Our attitude makes all the difference in what happens next.

How good does it feel to simply quiet your mind while you pause and reflect on how good life is and the positive developments that are happening. Then notice what happens after you do that. Make it part of every day and life will get more beautiful and happy by the moment.

Every day is a blessing. That is why my first thought every day is "thank you for giving me another day." When we start off this way, we open the way for everything to get even better. With this attitude, even something as small as someone smiling at us becomes a gift. And one good thing opens the way for another.

When we are in a state of gratitude, everything is good, everything is successful, we are full of joy. Use your feelings to lead into the actions. Shift from worrying about if we are worthy to seeing how we will succeed. Gratitude moves us from self sabotage to self confidence.

Expressing gratitude is the one thing you can do today that will cost you nothing and improve everything.

I love all of you and love to help you to find your way into your alignment. I will always do my best for all of you with the assistance of my spirit guides. Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

Sunday, March 24, 2019


Awakenings often stir us up when we least expect it and that prompts new realizations while raising questions and pausing for a moment to reflect on new perspectives.

One of the pleasures of working the big shows is that I see people I have known a long time as well as meeting new people.

For example, at the show last weekend, I saw a pair of clients that I have known since they were single and dating, now they are married and just had a little baby. Wow! I have known these people through a few different stages and several years of their lives so far.

Another woman walked up to me and said "You may not remember me, but you did the first reading I ever had when I was 16, so I just wanted to stop and say hi." I was speechless as I tried to remember.

A woman sent me an email and told me that I had read for her 9 years ago, but she still enjoys my newsletters even though she and her husband moved to New Zealand several years ago.

Another long time client thanked me for sticking with her and offering encouragement and advice when she was going through health challenges and then finally after a long search, found a new job that she really likes. That was a long time and very challenging for her. And I am happy for her success.

A young man wrote me after the last newsletter went out and reminded me that it was 3 years ago that he was a real emotional mess when he came to see me and I worked with him for a while and now things are better for him. He thanked me for working with and helping him get on track.

Another man I had worked with is still getting back on track, and thanked me for helping him.

A healer who I worked with years ago just sent me a note saying that she still enjoys the newsletters and that both of us are staying on track and doing well in our practices.

When things like this happen, I am suddenly prompted to remember what happened and how it went. That also prompts me to consider whether I should changes my services and offerings in any way. And of course, it always makes me feel good to hear these kinds of things from people and know that I helped them. That always feels great.

This kind of feedback also lets me know that I am doing good work out here and that reaffirms the joy I get from working with each one of you. Do you know that your energy affects me too? When people come to see me and they are stressed and worried or in pain, then by the time they are getting up to leave they tell me that they feel lighter, calmer and happier than when they came. I feel good knowing that I was able to help you.

You know I often wonder what happened to some of you whom I have not seen in a while. I like hearing from you if you feel like it, whether you send me an email in response to this or whether you call or email me.

I love all of you and love to help you to find your way into your alignment. I will always do my best for all of you with the assistance of my spirit guides. Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Getting into the Rhythm of Life

What should we write about tonight, spirit guides? Rhythm is on my mind.

There is a pace that we all find comfortable. I know that my desire is always to have plenty of space between appointments so that no one feels rushed or squashed.

And I like to go to the gym when I have plenty of time so that if I am feeling it I can do a longer workout, then take my time in the steam or shower before heading home.

I think that allowing more time allows me to focus my attention better on everyone I am working with.

You see, it is all part of enjoying every moment of every day. Take time to savor each thing you do, appreciate each person and each event in turn.

A good pace lets the day flow and when we are more relaxed, often that will be more calm, deliberate and focused and each meeting or thing we are doing gets done even better.

Interestingly, I have also noticed that friends often want to come and visit when there is an opening in my relaxed way of scheduling. That whole vortex of energy keeps pulling everything into place, planned or not. When it was snowy and real cold, I stayed in and worked on my taxes. On full moons I make bath salts for my clients and every night, one of the things I always do is to step out onto the back porch (some people call them decks) and just gaze at the night sky. It seems like a perfectly relaxing thing to do.

The time in between appointments also allows me to just call or message some of you just to see how you are doing. I enjoy hearing from you. Just recently I received emails from people I have helped in the past thanking me for helping them when things were difficult for them and now that things are better, they take a moment to thank me. And there are also messages from people who get back to me to let me know what happened since we last saw each other. I love hearing from you this way. Call, text and email are all good.

My schedule is fluid, so that means I take care of all of you first, and then I will go to the gym or shopping or dancing or whatever I need to do. Everything fits together well.

When you are not too rushed you can think things through, do research, and take time to follow up with people.

Look at some of the other aspects in life where rhythm is essential to communication. One is in our spoken and written words. There are times when the timing of the delivery is critical to the impact. Recall bits from your favorite storytellers and stand up comedians.

Another is dancing. When we are dancing with a partner or in a group dance, we are communicating with our partner through the rhythm. When we are comfortable with the rhythm, we can anticipate each other's moves and blend our energies together, with the rhythm being the glue that binds us together.

Follow that thread. We get into a rhythm if we are out walking, if we are lifting weights at the gym, if we are working in our garden, if we are working with our deck of cards, if we are cutting vegetables for our meal, in every one of these actions, rhythm is at the heart of the action.

Notice how our rhythms match when we are talking with someone. Does the rhythm of our conversation mesh well? When we are having a hard time communicating with someone, notice how we seem to have trouble getting our rhythms in sync?

Notice the energy and rhythm of someone who is running around doing everything fast as possible and then needing to go back over and make a lot of corrections rather than someone who is just flowing and gets things done right the first time.

You can tell in ordinary conversations too. You know when someone is really paying attention to you and listening and when someone is just trying to handle you as fast as possible. The flowing one listens while the fast one doesn't really want to take the time to listen. Then comes alignment with the earth's energy. That is why there are things better done on the waxing moon and some things better done on the waning moon, and things getting done in certain seasons. It is all about aligning our rhythms. When someone is performing really well in a sport, we say that they are in the zone because their rhythm and flow is smooth.

Rhythms are also important in healing processes. Healers all over the world use rattles, drums and bells. Sound can break up energy blockages and then heal and bring energies together.

The rhythms of dancing singing and drumming always clears, reenergizes and brings joy. We can be entrained into a rhythm within three beats. African drum masters say that the gods like it when we dance, drum and sing and anyone of them is good, but all three are best.

Once I asked Coleman Barks, who is the leading interpreter of Rumi's poetry and brought the ancient poet to modern attention, why many people will come out to hear a poetry reading or performance, but poetry books have the smallest sales among all books? And he said that "This is because when the poet is speaking their poetry out loud, it is like launching arrows into the hearts of the listeners, and the spoken word really brings poetry to life."

Again, it is the rhythm in the voice.

Recently I was talking with a client about finding her voice in her writing, which is essential for establishing a flow and a rhythm. I have helped other clients with writing as well. One of my other careers was teaching creative writing as well as doing freelance writing and editing magazines. So I enjoy it. So finding your voice in writing is all about rhythm.

I love all of you and love to help you to find your way into your alignment. I will always do my best for all of you with the assistance of my spirit guides. Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day. Let this note help make your day. I love you.