Sunday, February 12, 2012

Recent 2012 Testimonials

I always affirm that in a reading that I will bring through messages that will be useful for this person at this time. A reading I did for a client today affirms that, and I feel very good about my work, knowing that I have been of service.

"Your reading was so encouraging! I feel much better now. I was afraid and did not see my possibilities. These insights have helped me see that I do have options and I can pursue my dreams." ---Natalia

Testimonial: "Hi Dan- thanks for your time and care with the reading. I feel calmer than I have been and that it helped affirm some inner stirrings." --- Paul

"Hey Dan!!! Your reading for me a couple years ago ended up right on. I left my husband and I've moved back home with my folks in Philly." --- Krystal

"Wanted to thank you again for my last reading! So clear and guiding." --- Ian

"Thank you for doing my reading. It definitely clarified things, and I feel more confident moving forward." --- Carolyn

These testimonials I just posted are typical of the feedback I get on my readings. If you are looking for fresh insights into your situation and your prospects for the future, why not have me do a reading for you?

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