Friday, August 16, 2013

Where Is My Magic?

How we see our life every day is a choice. How we feel about it is our choice. I like asking myself a question to remind myself of this every day. Where is my magic?

My magic is within my realm of influence. I am happy to be here, doing what I am doing. There are new friends and useful things to be learned in every experience, even the unprofitable experiments I try.

My magic is extended into the realm of making good things happen every day. Large or small, when I smile and expect good things to happen they do. I can complain that the car needs to be fixed or I can get it fixed so that I can keep using it. I can smile at the fact that it has been a good year for business and that it continues to get better.

I smile when I think of all the referrals that have come my way. I am happy to be of service.

Part of the magic of my life is that I have had a number of careers within this one lifetime and this has provided me with a variety of experiences.

How many times in my life have I done something after asking myself questions. Does this work? How does this work? I wonder if I can do this. So I try. I learn. It works.

Waking up every morning with a cup of dark roast coffee and my dream journal is the beginning of my magic for this day. Beginning my day this way is magic. It is simple. It is magic. I am waking up with the taste of the coffee while I make notes about my dreams and what they may mean. My day is already full of possibilities.

Where is my magic? My magic begins when I decide that this will be a good day. My magic begins when I decide that my interactions with other people will be good today. My magic begins when I know that some good opportunity will open up for me today. Often, I do not know what that is, but I know that a whole day cannot go by without my encountering an opportunity for joy.

Joy begets magic and magic begets joy. This is where I find my magic. . I ask myself these questions. Who am I? What am I doing? And in answer to my questions, I refocus my energy on the task at hand, smile and feel the joy radiate through me as I confirm that I am happy to be here, doing what I am doing, being alive in this moment.

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