Wednesday, October 16, 2013

House Blessings

The spirit of a place is important in helping us feel nurtured, protected and supported.

House blessings are also energy clearings, in other words, clearing energy blockages that may be present in a place, whether it is a residence or a business.

What are causes of energy blockages?

How stuck do you think the energy of a home would become if it were inhabited by a hoarder? There may be residual amounts of that energy still stuck even after the hoarder and their stuff is gone.

How chaotic or disturbed would the energy patterns be if the place were previously inhabited by a couple or their children who fought a lot?

What might happen if a displaced spirit were lost in the space where you are now? These could be previous inhabitants or spirits that got disoriented and couldn't find their way to the light that leads to the next realm of existence.

If lots of different construction workers were in and out of your house, some of them may have left residue of their unhappy energies behind.

What if your home were damaged by the floods, fires or other disasters? It may take more than carpentry, plumbing and wiring to put it back in good order.

Once the negative energies have been removed from a place, that opens the way for the inhabitants to build in fresh energy, harmonious relationships, construct creative environments and invite in beneficial spirits and guardians.

If you feel that this is something you could use, call me. I will be happy to do it.

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