Thursday, May 29, 2014

Intensity Makes the Difference

When we have a goal in mind that we want but we do not achieve it, the missing key may well be intensity. If our intensity is in focus, then our vision will be in focus and we will have taken actions to bring our dreams to life. Intensity shows in our level of desire. For example, when a person says that they want to see some kind of change in their life, but that it is OK with them if they get it and OK with them if they don't, what they are revealing is that they do not have any serious intention of making the change.

If you are not certain about your true intentions and where your intensity is most actively engaged, look at what is happening in your life right now. Whatever you have created produces the results you see around you. If you want to change that, the first thing to engage is a new vision. The new vision will become more powerful as you focus on it with great intensity. Then as you engage in actions to get yourself into that picture, you notice your reality beginning to shift.

Intensity can be an elusive thing because people overlook it or take it for granted. Why? A number of reasons. By now, we all know about the power of positive thinking, law of attraction, smiling and having a good attitude. Often, people mistakenly think that this is enough. It is easy to see why. If we think thoughts like how wonderful it would be to have a new job or a new relationship, we might just think that our helpers in the universe will help us get these things because we are good people and we have good intentions, and if we are consistent with these thoughts, that everything will just fall into place eventually. Except that sometimes it doesn't and we wonder why.

Take another look. Hold these thoughts. Only this time, feel it all the way to your bones, all the way through your body. Feel how your life would be different when you achieve these things. Feel the difference when your goal moves from being a good idea to being your new reality?

Your mental focus is your single biggest tool in keeping your intensity on track. Keeping this in mind, there are tools that can support that drive. Reading books that support your goals, listening to music that inspires you to pursue your goals, seeking out the company of friends who support you achieving your goals, keeping your consciousness and words aligned with your goals will help you get where you are going.

Can you feel the shift in your facial expressions, your body language, the rhythm of your body, the clarity of your thoughts, the ease with which decisions like prioritizing fall into place? When you are desiring a change with a great deal of intensity, as you make decisions, it gets easier to identify one thing as important to you in realizing your goals and other things as not important.

Can you see yourself not just picturing this new stage of your life, but living it, feeling it, knowing it deep in your guts? Feel how different you would do everything once your goal is not just some good idea you are picturing, but a life you are living?

See how it feels for you right now as you read this. Whatever that deeply held desire is, can you move beyond the level of simply thinking it is a good idea to feeling yourself living it, achieving it, having it, being it?

Can you feel that vision penetrate every pore of your being? Can you look at that picture you have in your mind or on your vision board and not just see it, but experience being there in it, being part of it?

Can you feel yourself being in that picture with someone else who wants it just as much as you do? Can you picture the other people in your life being just as fully invested in that life as you are? Equal partners? Can you feel the difference intensity makes?

Inviting intensity into our lives always starts with key questions that we ask ourselves. Are we happy with the way our life is going now? Would we really like to make a change? Is this desire for change just a passing fancy, or are we really serious about it? If we are really serious about making this change, then increasing our focus and inviting in a greater level of intensity is the first step toward getting what we most ardently desire. Once you do this, you can feel the change start to happen, and once we do that, we begin to notice how the universe aligns with us and it seems like magic. Doesn't it feel great when that happens?

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