Monday, January 1, 2018

2018: Focusing on the Power of Partnerships

In numerology, this is a 2 year, which means that there will be a focus on the power of partnerships and actively planning for our next step.

The significance of this is simple yet powerful. I use a simple system of numerology. You may see articles by other people who say that this is an 11 year. I am a fan of Occam's razor. I think that simplest is best, so I keep reducing numbers to single digits and work within a framework of 1 to 9. 10 is a 1. Occam's razor, if you are not familiar with it, is simply a principle that says that if there is more than one explanation for a prediction that the simpler one is better.

When I say partnerships people's minds quickly jump to romantic, and of course that is one of the important connections in all of our lives. 

Now open your view to include all the other important partnerships. We have business partners, study partners, workout partners, dance partners, hobby partners, sports partners, travel partners, roommates, neighbors, preferred vendors, regular clients, teachers, mentors, and others, like personal friends who may partner with us in one or more ways.

During 2018, some of our old partners may drop off the radar and new ones will enter the picture, while some will remain the same.

And it is these people who will help us achieve our goals. Whether our goals are big or small, they can be instrumental in helping us get there. 

Among friends, partnership does not always mean that they are doing something with us, but that they at least give us moral support and encouragement. Example. You decide to try something new and the skeptical friend goes puts down your idea. The better friend will say good for you! That sounds interesting. And sometimes they say, "How would you like me to do that with you or go with you?"

These relationships can accelerate our progress. If we are consistent with our workout partners or study partners for example, we can start seeing results right now in 2018. The sooner we activate these partnerships, the sooner we bring about positive change in our lives, and we can enjoy the benefits of higher levels of achievement. 

In this year of partnership, our theme is all about alignment. Being in alignment with people who share our goals and visions gives us encouragement, which strengthens our motivation. As we associate with people who share our goals we increase the vibrations we are broadcasting out into the universe and that increases our magnetism and helps bring about results by facilitating stronger connections. The synergy of two people working together produces a stronger energy, a third force, that is more powerful than two individuals working separately. That is a meaning of the Lovers card in tarot, where there is usually an angel between the two figures.

So think about how you want to proceed and who can help you. 

We can all make progress this year. Change is never ending, and that is why we periodically need to realign with our partners or change partners.

Big changes like divorce, separation, career change, moving to a new home, health challenges, and spiritual evolution, all make new partnerships necessary and these changes can be swift.

As we focus a clear vision of what we want to have happen in our lives, we draw in partners to help bring this into reality. 

What are your visions for 2018? Who will help you realize them?

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