Friday, March 16, 2018

It's Showtime! What new discoveries are you looking to make? Who are the old friends you want to see again?

We are heading into the busy show season again, and so all of you who come to see me for a reading when the show is one that is convenient for you, this weekend in Denver at the Merchandise Mart kicks it off again. And by June, I will have participated in every major show from Casper to Pueblo.

I always enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones. This show was the first big metaphysical show I was in after I moved to Colorado. 

Back then, I still had a corporate day job and I was on a waiting list for a year and a half because all the spots in this show were taken. So I called the organizer a few days before the show and asked him where I was on the list and he told me that there were several people still ahead of me. 

So I decided that it was time for me to get in and I had a talk with my spirit guides, and strongly and repeatedly pictured myself getting into the show, meeting lots of people and doing well.

This show has always run Friday through Sunday, so on Friday morning, I called in sick to my corporate job and affirmed that I was ready to work the fair and that this is what I would be doing all weekend. I was absolutely ready to change my life, and had no reservations about my choice. 

And 2 hours later, the show organizer called me and asked me  "Are you ready to work the fair today? We open in 3 hours." "Yes, I would love to." I answered. "I just have to put my stuff in the car and drive down there. I can be there in an hour."

What happened was that someone who had bought a booth cancelled at the last minute, so in that show, I was not listed in the program and no one knew I would be there. Since this was the first big fair I was in and had recently moved her from Atlanta where my practice was well known, but here I was one of the new faces. Yet, I just set up, greeted everyone who walked by my booth and pretty soon I got busy and was busy all weekend. People could just sense that I would do a good job for them, and they chose to sit at my table for a reading. And that was more than 10 years ago. I have worked the shows ever since. 

That helped make my transition from my day job into doing this as my full time career. 

Many of you have come to see me for private sessions since then and I love and appreciate all of you. It has been an incredible journey. 

These shows were created as a way of celebrating all the positive changes we are embracing and considering making and the amazing discoveries we have made on our paths. The format of brief readings that we do at the shows are so that everyone can have an opportunity to meet several people and see who they resonate with and find professionals who they would like to learn from or work with to get their feet solidly on their path and make their way to their next landmark in their lives, their next level of achievement, next level of consciousness.

I decided to share this story with you about how I got started doing these shows because it is an uplifting example of what happens when you use positive thinking to redirect the energies in your life and how important it is to work with your spirit guides. I work with my spirit guides every day, and I can say without reservation that they help me achieve all the successes I have in my life and they are working with me every day to provide good service to every person who comes to see me, whether it is for 20 minutes at a show or for a series of reiki or  tarot classes or private sessions, or whatever else they need. 

The deal I made with my spirit guides is very simple and direct. I told them that I will help whoever comes to me, for whatever they need, and I will always welcome their help in doing this. I openly admit that everything I do, I do with their help. 

So this weekend, I look forward to seeing all of you, and in the weeks between shows, my schedule is open to work with you individually. 

If there is a kind of session or technique you would like to try, maybe this time you want to try past lives, runes, dream interpretations, numerology, or reiki as well as or instead of, tarot. If there is something that you would like to learn, ask me. That is how I learned. I asked my spirit guides and I asked other people to teach me. 

Life is good. And I am happy to be here now, and participating in it with all of you. 

To every one of you who has been a part of my life, I love you.

Thank you!

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