Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What stories will they tell about us when we are gone?

What stories do you think they will tell about us when we are gone? Will they be laughing themselves to death over some of the funny stunts we pulled or the situations we found ourselves in?

Will they say that we were great because we invented computers that changed the world? Will they tell about the businesses we owned and operated?

Will they say that we were an important part of a big company that built great buildings, factories and businesses?

Will they say that we helped a lot of people? That we were good to our family and friends? Will they say that we were kind, considerate and generous?

Will they say that we were great teachers and mentored young people?

The stories that they will tell about us after we are gone are exactly the reasons why the Mexican people created the holiday known as The Day of the Dead, and it is exactly the same reason behind the Celtic holiday of Samhain. The Day of the Dead sets up a table on which we find the person's picture and some of their favorite foods and things in this life. In the Celtic celebration, there is a part known as the Dumb Supper where a place is set at the table for the person who is gone, made with some of their favorite foods and people tell stories about them. People thought to do these things thousands of years ago, and they always did it in this time frame, at the end of October and beginning of November. I have always found it fascinating that this was done by two separate cultures in different parts of the world who had no history of trade.

Even our cave dwelling ancestors had funeral rituals because even before there was literature or language, people knew that there was more to a person than their body, and so special rituals were created to wish us well on our continuing journey.

Remember that we always have time to accomplish more and add to our stories for as long as we are alive. What changes or additions would you like to make to yours?

I always have some fun with this because there are always some blasts from the past that we forgot about until someone helps us remember by telling a story. Sometimes they are about great adventures, and many times they are funny.

Every so often I will be contacted by someone I have not heard from in a long time and so many times I find myself remembering things that were important to that person and that memory is one I forgot until they reminded me.

So give some thought to the stories you tell and see what changes. Let me know how that works for you. I love all of you and am always happy to hear from you.

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