Sunday, December 22, 2019

We Light Each Other's Path

You see, when we consider ourselves as bits of light that help illuminate the path for others, our perspective on our journey shifts focus.

We bring light into each others lives in the form of levity and humor as well as the feeling of love that is present among good friends and family. We bring light into a gathering when we tell stories, play games and make music.

Being a healer is a very powerful and rewarding experience. I love it every time someone gets up after a session and not only do they tell you how good they feel, you can see it all over them. And then there are some who try it once and that's it. Then there are others who you definitely see getting better and turning their life around, and making important major changes after working together regularly for a while.

Then there are others whose path takes on a different destiny. Recently, I had been working with a client who had cancer. She would see me in between her chemo and radiation treatments and she told me that the reiki helped her feel much better. She had her ups and downs and the cancer and the treatments had really run her energy down. Suddenly, within the last two weeks, the cancer got worse.

She sent me a text and told me that she knew she was going to die within a few days. And when she was admitted to the hospital, she requested that I come and use the reiki to help her have a peaceful energy to assist in her transition.

I was honored to be asked. So twice I went to see her and when I was not there in person, I sent reiki energy from a distance and the person sitting with her told me that she could feel it.

The family members knew I was there to help with the energy but we did not really talk, just acknowledged each other's presence. So at the very last, it was all family, and I can tell that they felt it helped.

So the light in this case was for the end of one journey, and the beginning of another.

The peace that is felt by the person who is leaving this plane, radiates out onto all those who remain. The comforting energy then, is not just in service to one but to all concerned, and all present.

You see the lights in the photo above and they are a lot of tiny lights, aren't they? Tiny, yet in their cumulative effect, they light a large area and give it a shape. That is how our lives get lit up too, don't they? Lots of the little experiences we had along the way lights and reflects the stories along the way. Yes, we have these big AHA! moments every so often, but it is all those little lights that bring our world to life every day.

And sometimes the light that we put out may be perceived as small by one person, yet be enormous in the eyes of another. The light we put out is to help other people see.

We all experience times when there is nothing left to say, yet we feel the communication intensely. This is where the light gets in through the cracks. This is how we know we are here for each other. We light each other up every day, not just when we are surrounded by seasonal light displays.

I wish all of you a lovely holiday season full of lights and celebrations. And take an extra moment wherever you are and whatever you are doing to appreciate all those other people who light up your life. This simple act can help illuminate our path and suggest important steps we might want to take going into the new year. Gratitude and appreciation are the part of our seasonal celebrations and our every day life. Being conscious of our roles as both givers and receivers enables us to savor each moment and each person with each breath we take. Gratitude and appreciation are visible elements of our seasonal celebrations.

Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day whether you want to make an appointment or just to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I like hearing your stories of what has been happening since the last time we met. And of course, I am always ready to help with what is next. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

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