Friday, May 8, 2020

What really matters?

What really matters?
Boulder County is allowing small businesses to reopen on Saturday May 9, and I am a small business, so if you would like an appointment with me, you can have one.

As of today, my dentist, chiropractor, massage therapist and hairdresser have all made appointments for me. Tattoo shops will be reopening too, although I do not get tattoos myself. Not that I am against them. Many of you have beautiful tattoos, but I just have never felt like getting one myself. Little by little, we reopen.

The next metaphysical fair is scheduled for mid-June and I talked to one of the show managers the other day. She expects that it will be able to go on and she speculates that we may be doing the fair with social distancing and everyone wearing masks. So we are going to have to see what kind of situation we are all in, what the city rules may be and how a fair will work like that. Weird.

Those of you who met me that way know that the way people choose a reader or healer at the fair walk around and look at people and chat with them to see whose services they would like to try. Smiling and saying hello is always a first way to connect. With a face mask on, no one can see you smile and how easy will it be to talk with someone who is standing several feet away in a busy aisle with a mask on? Show days can stretch to 12 hours for vendors, and how comfortable will that be? We may be about to find out.

In the big picture, it is not just the metaphysical fair. The Merchandise Mart exists to make money by hosting events that draw large crowds. So the question is whether the city will allow the venue to reopen and do what it normally does, and the new rules will apply to all kinds of shows and events. That same factor holds true for other venues like county fairgrounds, hotels auditoriums and other facilities, and that answer is yet to be known. What crowd size limits will be the rule?

Hence the need to do more business in my home office where people usually come one at a time, sometimes two, and remotely by Skype, Zoom and phone.

One of the cardinal rules for a happy life is to let go of what we cannot control and do the best we can with what we do control. Our own feelings and our own ideas are within our control. So keep those positive thoughts moving, and the good feelings you had from our sessions is still something you can get, even if it is from a distance. I can do classes and longer sessions with you as well as concise readings. Some of you have also just called or sent notes to say hello during this period and that is appreciated. It is nice to hear a friendly voice.

I followed my path out of corporate life and followed my heart and guidance from spirit by doing readings and healings. Healings have always been private sessions, but readings have largely been public events. Many of you met me because I was doing readings at the metaphysical fairs, company parties, special events, house parties, holiday parties, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, graduation parties and proms, and so on. I have always loved doing those special events with you because I always love meeting new people, being part of festive events and seeing your eyes light up from getting your reading. The feedback I get from you is what lets me know that I did a good job, and that keeps me going.

So in a time like this, I keep asking myself: What really matters? It matters to me to be happy being who I am and doing what I do. I love helping people who call on me, and that is why I keep a flexible schedule, and for those who are in a tight financial situation, there is flexibility in pricing.

What really matters? Apparently, a lot more emphasis on the simple joys in life, like taking walks, cooking and gardening. If there is no sporting event or concert to go to, walking, cooking and gardening will be our new entertainment as well as healthy exercise. Maybe drumming circles in people's homes will get a bump in popularity. You can make beautiful music with as few as two people that way, and if you use smaller drums, like frame drums and tambourines, it will not be too loud for your neighbors.

Some people get a lot of solace and support from going to a church but that is not allowed yet, although I am certain they will find a way to reopen those too. Some people used to enjoy dancing as a healthy activity, and that like going to the gym is shut down right now. Rules have yet to be made for those activities too.

I have noticed too, that a number of people are taking breaks from watching TV and reading more books.

Dreams are another unusual subject that has come up. People have asked me about unusual sleep and dream patterns during this time, and this subject continues to pop up. In fact, last night I was listening to a program on public radio and they had a whole program dedicated to this topic. I cannot remember another time when dreams came up on a large scale in our culture.

However, I have seen documentaries about tribal people in remote places who share their dreams over breakfast every day as one of the first things they do and they take note when the same things appear in dreams to different members of the group on the same night. Since dream interpretation is one of the unique services I offer, that might be important to you.

So in this time of reinventing ourselves, when you find yourself asking What really matters, you will probably be coming up with some new and different answers. I know that I am. If you could use a fresh perspective or a new insight, I am here for you.

I love all of you and I am always happy to hear from any of you. Life is good, and no matter what our age, it is always an important question to ask ourselves: What really matters? This time, and these events give us time to focus on that and see what comes up.

Love, peace and joy to all of you.

I have one request for someone else, if one of you would like to help. I know a reiki healer who needs a massage table so that she can open for business now that the restrictions are lifted. If you have a table that you would like to let go of, we can help a good healer get her practice going, and we can all use more healing in this world, so let me know if you have a table for her.
Today we enter into the energy of the Full Flower Moon. I know this is not a picture of a full moon, but I just felt like using it because it is a beautiful picture and it fits the mood of our time. We are looking for clarity and letting more light in to find our way forward. The energy of this moon is about nurturing the seeds we have planted in our lives so that they will grow, just like the light on the moon will be full and glowing by the time you see this. Every night before I go to sleep, I go outside and meditate on the moon and the night sky. It helps me get into a peaceful mood and a good night's rest. Try it, if you are not in the habit of doing so.
I started to play with making You Tube videos and I am still in the process of thinking about what to do with that. If you have any suggestions about that, I am still thinking. What would make good videos that you would want to watch?

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