Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving Every Day

 How often do you recharge your battery with gratitude? I do it every day, and as a result, things get better every day.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays because it is so simple and beautiful. It is focused on simply sharing a day with family and friends with a good meal, conversation, games, and just enjoying each other's company.

On Thanksgiving, we are pausing to appreciate the people and events in our lives and it is good to have this tradition.

So just see how good it feels when you just continue this tradition every day. Every morning when you wake up, see how you feel when you say this. "Thank you for giving me this day. With your help, I will make the best use of it. Do you have any new ideas for me? Anything that you want me to know?"

See how it feels when you start your day this way. Notice how you notice more and among those things you notice are some helpful ideas and good guidance.

Notice too, how there are people you have grown closer to during this crazy year, and how grateful you are to have them in your life. Notice that these might be some different individuals than you thought would be there. Thank your spirit guides for guiding these people to you.

It is great to see so many people enjoying walking and using our parks and public spaces more these days, which has a lot to do with so much else being shut down. So it was a negative motivator which produced a beautiful result that we can all be grateful for.

Another thing that some of us can be grateful for is that the changes we made that were not our idea to begin with might end up well anyway. For example, many of those who now work from home rather than commute really like it.

For myself, doing more small private events and private sessions for people is a real pleasure. It is a new chapter in my business development since so many big public events are not possible right now. I am grateful for all of you. Gratitude opens us up.

Can you feel how you are now more at peace after you have expressed it? You are now ready to welcome in more. When you are happy with what you have, your aura expands, and that feeling touches everyone you meet, and that feeling opens them to you.

Gratitude is the lubricant of the universe. Look how it works in your life. We feel good when someone thanks us for something and others feel good when we do the same. We are more inclined to help someone who expressed gratitude next time they ask because we have a good feeling about that gratitude. And that kind of relationship is the same with our spirit guides. Gratitude is gracious, and always appreciated.

Look at the turkeys in the picture above. They are grateful that they are not on anyone's table!

I always love hearing from you, so feel free to reach out if you are feeling moved to do so. Have a wonderful day!

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