Monday, December 20, 2010

When Time Stands Still

Poised right on the edge, the moment seems eternal. You know that once you decide and move, everything changes. But for this moment of deliberation, everything is still. The moment before everything is set into motion, the world seems to bring up a steady stream of images and feelings that come up rapidly and clearly, until we find the one that triggers our decision, and then, in that instant the decision is clear.

All the facts, opinions and consideration have been stacked up and counted beforehand, and now, in this moment of decision, it is these images and feelings that bring our decision, and our action, into focus.

Once we have stepped off that edge, that moment of perfect stillness, we then act rapidly to put our decision into play and depart from that place of indecision.

It is incredible to savor that moment, because we know that we own it, and there are people and events awaiting our decision. And there is always a decision, because not making a decision is making a decision. Eventually, the moment comes, and we either decide or someone else decides for us.

There is such power at that moment. Savor it. Do you feel like you are having one of those moments now?

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