Monday, April 18, 2011


When we find ourselves wondering what happened, the answer is probably that you did ask for this, even if you didn't know it.

You see, when you decide you want something, there may be more to it that you hadn't thought about. So here it is, with all of its parts, and you are surprised.

This phenomenon turns up in many ways. Sometimes when people come to me for a reading, the reading tells them everything they wanted to know and they go on their way. Some people come back for more readings because the reading may have raised more questions in their mind and now they want to ask about that.

There are also returns when we ask one question and the answer seems to answer a different question, but that answer goes to the real root of the problem.

Often we have to return to the questions that we are asking to see what it is we are really asking. The surprise when we realize that we were asking something one thing when we thought we were asking something else might give us a jolt, one of those enlivening wake up calls to our self.

Return to the question and ask, what is it I really want to know? Validation of the choices you have already made is also a good result, because it answers your question when others who are not attached to the outcome are confirming your decisions.

When the cards are turned over, what you see is the answer to your question. You just have to look at it with different eyes.

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