Thursday, July 7, 2011

Could your life use a little more music?

Music is our common currency. Even though some of us may hold opposite views on some political, economic or social matters, it is amazing how all those people could come together to sing some song that we all know.

If you have not been singing or dancing in a while, look for an opportunity to do so, because it will boost your spirits and brighten your outlook on the world.

Personally, I seek out opportunities to dance and sing every week, and consider it just as important to my well being as walking or swimming.

Making music and dancing are not just funny human tricks. They are among the most sublime creations mankind has ever come up with.

When beginning the evening's music, perhaps there is a feeling a hesitation, especially if you are new to it or haven't done it for a while. Then once you begin, joy starts to weave its way through the room so that by the end, you feel like you have been in the company of some warm, friendly people rather than strangers.

Music is very powerful at dissolving those boundaries, bridging gaps, and spreading joy like a contact high.

Could your life use a little more music?

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