Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Music of the Spheres

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a few parties where making music was a central part of the entertainment, as well as conversation.

I love to go chanting and dancing and used to play in a lot of drumming circles. And there is a different feeling that comes from those activities.

It is the difference between giving yourself to the music with an intensity and devotion and a relaxed atmosphere where there are lots of guitars and voices and suddenly you find yourself singing songs that you had not thought of in years.

We used to do that a lot, years ago. People would come over for the evening and we would go around the circle, different people taking turns starting a song. We spent many evenings that way.

While guitar was the most common instrument then, there would be other instruments in the mix, like harmonica, flute or another wind instrument. Hand drums didn't get popular until later. At some parties, there is a piano and if there are people who know how to use it, then the piano will lead.

There are so many ways to bathe yourself in music and enjoy the sensation and the energy boost that comes from making music, singing and dancing with other people.

It was a great pleasure to remember some of the other ways we used to enjoy music and have great parties. The more I conjure up magic through music, the better I feel. It is one of the fastest ways to bring a group of people together, creating an aura of unity and joy. And it lasts a long time. How many people were singing all the way home and when they got up the next day?

More music in your life will bring all kinds of good results. When I used to play African style drums, there was an oft repeated saying. "There are three things that make the gods happy: drumming, dancing and singing. Any two are good, but all three is best."

The music of the spheres connects us in ways that conversation and other techniques can never match for speed and closeness.

Music is the secret code for connecting us.

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