Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Are You Contained in Your Body?

No, we are not contained in our bodies. When we are feeling really good, our aura reaches out and touches those near us, even when they are not that near. That's why some people light up a room when they walk in.

Physically, yes, we are here. We are consciously moving our bodies. And when we are flying along with new ideas and we are excited about what we are doing, and we are looking forward to what we have to do today, our bodies are not containing our whole beings.

Well, they never really are, it's just that sometimes it feels like it all fits in, like when we may be a little down or withdrawn or disappointed, we are not expanding out into the universe. There is no joy emanating from us to other people in the room. There is no lightness or levity in our interactions. At these times, when we have pulled our energy in, maybe our energy body does fit within the parameters of our physical bodies.

I have measured this and tested it on many people, and it always shows up. Be aware then, that your thoughts project physically out and around us and they do affect how others interact with us in a real way.

If you have not given this much thought until now, try it and see.

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