Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wondering About Fires & Water

The forest fires must bew a factor in the heat wave we are having. How could they not be? People can smell the smoke in the air even if they cannot see it.

There have been so many fires out here in recent years that it seems like they are a regular feature of the summer months.

Tonight it sprinkled just a little bit. Probably everyone in the region would love to see a big downpour right now. I wonder why they don't seed the clouds to make it rain?

I wouldn't normally recommend it, but in an extreme situation like this, it would seem like a solution.

Of course, I am just a free thinker. I also wonder why coastal cities like LA don't built plants to take the salt out of sea water so that it can be used. It is something they do in other countries. That way they would not need to draw water from the Colorado River. Makes sense to me. Why haven't the people who run the states worked on solutions like this?

If enough people ask these kinds of questions, maybe something will change.

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