Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Every Picture Tells

One of the fascinating aspects of tarot cards is that there are so many interpretations of how to read cards. There is, of course, a consistency in the structure, such as the 78 cards, four suits, major and minor arcana, and so on. And there is a good deal of agreement on meanings, but the more I use cards and the more books I read, the more my mind is opened to different ways of working with them.

Every different style of art opens up a new avenue for expression. It will, of course, influence and color the stories it tells. And some days, you may be more open to appreciating some art than others.

It all comes down to this. The artist knows what they had in mind when they created a picture, and they will usually tell you that in the books that are made to go with those decks.

However, when a person is simply looking at them to see what they can see without having looked at the books, different meanings and impressions emerge.

It is always that way with creativity. The artist has one thing in mind, but what other people see is beyond their control. At its peak of frenzy, that is what foments controversy, and even in quieter, more reflective moments, there are still sparks of enlightenment.

We all have different tastes in art, and that is why there are so many different decks to choose from these days. If you choose deck art that you like, then you will definitely get more out of that deck. Different decks tell different stories for different people.

And the cards are a magical key for connecting the visions inside to the visions outside. And that spark is what lights up a reading.

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