Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Genius of Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters was one of our greatest comedians because you never knew what he would say or do next, and it would always turn out to be insanely funny.

Many popular comedians have a routine that we like and they do it over and over again. You can bet that the same jokes they tell on their recordings are the same ones you will hear in person.

He was an obvious inspiration for early Robin Williams when he used to do those manic routines where he would shift characters, voices and directions in mid-sentence, leaving the audience in stitches.

There are other ways in which he differed from other comedians, then and now. Politics and celebrities often set themselves up as easy targets, but that was never Jonathan's route. He just found life to be funny, and he peopled it with quirky characters who he could invoke with a change of voice or a bit of costume or props, but very little. His voice and facial expressions did most of the work. He always said that he didn't do jokes, he did characters.

He believed than anything is fair game for laughs and the things that popped out of his mind would leave scriptwriters at a total loss.

Laughter is one of the fastest ways to raise our vibration, and so I always enjoy including comedy into my life, whether on the radio, video or comedy clubs and those times when something humorously inspired pops into my head and out of my mouth.

Jonathan Winters was truly inspired and it was good to pause for a moment and pay tribute to a great source of laughter.

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