Friday, May 31, 2013

Hang Ups and the Hanged Man

An interesting way to look at the Hanged Man tarot card is to prompt questions about where in your life you feel hung up. Do certain situations or subjects always prompt certain responses from you?

Perhaps in looking at this from different angles and allowing yourself to think outside the square or think outside the box, which are phrases that usually come to mind when I see this card, what is presented is a challenge to change our thinking.

Sometimes simply changing our point of view is all it takes to transform our experience of a situation. Before we get comfortable with a new point of view, we just need to have a little time for reflection to embrace this different perspective and work it through in our mind until we can accept the change.

So when you find yourself wondering if your opinions, point of view or attitude about a certain thing is presenting an obstacle, take out the Hanged Man card and meditate on it. How is this current thinking hanging you up?

Hanging with the Hanged Man might suggest solutions that add ease to your life and more harmony with yourself and others.

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