Sunday, June 2, 2013

Psychic Readngs with No Tools

People who have developed their psychic abilities sometimes work with no tools at all. In truth, when we develop our psychic abilities we are developing our abilities to tune and be the receiver of messages. When we tap into the place where psychic energies travel, we are matching frequencies and tuning into subtle messages that may not be visible or audible except to those who have learned to see, hear or touch in this way.

Some readers can see auras and images, some hear voices, others know by feel.

That is why when a reader is reading cards they may give a person a message and they look and wonder what card tells that, but perhaps the message just came through and it is not on a card, so the card reading is a combination of psychic impressions that are relayed plus the interpretations of the cards.

Tools then become helpers for the seer, not the whole in themselves. Tools help train us to see. Working with no tools is simply one of the variations in method.

There is another phenomenon that happens to those of us who do healing work. Because our energy channels are open when we are doing healing work, we may get other messages for a person while we are simply acting as healers. And at the same time, when we are doing readings for people, we can convey healing energy.

To do well in either capacity is dependent on our ability to open our hearts and be compassionate and to be willing to be a conduit of help for the other person. If we vow to be of service, first and foremost, good things always happen.

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