Saturday, September 14, 2013

What We Harvest

What we harvest now has everything to do with what we did earlier in the year. Just as the harvest season is the culmination of the farmer's efforts all year, the success of our business right now is connected to how well we treated our customers last year and how good they think our products and services are, and if they refer others to us.

We can make our heavy loads feel lighter by our attitudes about them. Do we simply say "this is what needs to be done" and do it? Or do we whine and complain, and still have to do it? Which attitude leaves us feeling lighter, happier and as if we are taking it all in stride?

Whatever we are harvesting, even if it is less than we expected or less than we wanted, there are still good reasons to express gratitude to others for helping us get this far. As we have all experienced by now, sometimes a small gain can turn into a bigger one. There are great meals made out of simple ingredients because we have learned how to cook. Or the appreciative group of customers who refer other customers. Or the people who start out to be casual acquaintances who develop into close friends. Gratitude for even a small harvest can bring big results. Gratitude grows whatever we shower it on, like rain and sun on the fields.

We are in the middle of the harvest festivals and the time of the year when all kinds of produce are coming in fresh, culminating in the civic holiday of Thanksgiving when we truly stop for a moment and simply appreciate what we have harvested with our family and friends. In the midst of this season, both literally and figuratively, it is a perfect time to reflect and show gratitude. It is the joy of this season, shared.

The things we are harvesting now have everything to do with what we have done, and what we will harvest next has everything to do with what we are doing now.

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