Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Following Your Feelings

Haven't we all experienced electrifying performances? Books that keep us reading all night? Songs that keep repeating in our heads until we find ourselves dancing to them at all different times? Pictures that make us feel like we wish we could do that?  Meals that make us wish we could cook like that? Inventions that make us say I wish I had done that?
Haven't we all had the experience of meeting someone who has that electricity, that fire, but for whatever reason, we did not go for it?
We all have that ability to create when we feel it, to be there when we feel it, but so often we have put that feeling on the shelf and told ourselves that we aren't really that good or that no one really cares? We know that we owe it to ourselves in this lifetime, even if we only do it once or once in a while, to just go ahead and give it our best shot? Doesn't it feel good? Next time you are inspired and have a feeling, give it all you got and see what happens. You will probably surprise yourself.

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