Monday, January 20, 2014


When you get with that unexpected illness that suddenly has you up feverish, sweating, stomach cramping, wanting nothing more than to curl up in a ball and sleep some more and this goes on for a few days, we often call this flu, for lack of a more precise term.

So when the worst of it finally passes, you awake and it is daylight, and you think that you will have a cup of coffee for the first time in days, and as you sit there, sipping it, and feel your consciousness gently coming back into your body, your physical sensations realigning with your awareness, there is nothing to do but savor the moment. Do not rush it. Listen, in the silence of the place to all the little sounds you generally overlook, the sound of the refrigerator motor, the sound of heat coming through the room, the faint sound of neighbors and traffic.

This is an exquisite moment when the appreciation of being alive and having a body comes slowly back into focus. There is still silence, and as I begin to wash, the sound of hot water running through the pipes. In a little while, I will have chicken soup for breakfast. Yes, I always have chicken soup in my kitchen, and yes, it always helps me recover from illness.

It a little while, I may put on some soft music, solo piano, flute or cello, so that I hear gentle harmonies as I come back into full consciousness.

These moments of recovery from illness are to be savored, letting mind and body settle back into place gently. Simply be aware and notice all the subtle sights, sounds and senses as your mind and body reintegrate. There is nothing to do but let it come together. Often, it is these moments of recovery from difficulty that sharpen our senses and present us with moments of awareness where we cannot do anything but be present. It will serve us well in times of stress to be able to remember this.

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