Friday, January 29, 2016

Love & Above

People are always interested in love because who we love and what we do for a living are the two biggest decisions we get to make in life. One big holiday in February is Valentine's Day. Of course, everyone is aware of the huge array of ads to buy chocolates, flowers, greeting cards and an array of other themed items programmed to sell at this time of year, such as teddy bears and pajamas and who knows what else?

It is useful for us to consider for a moment a bigger picture about love. Of course, when the word love is mentioned, people always think about romantic love as in dating, relationships, marriage, living together and so on.

Our minds jump to this because it is important to us. Now take a moment to consider other aspects of love.

Are you doing work that you love? Do you love what you do? Are you happy with the way you make your money? If we can do that, there is another way we have love in our life and it affects us every day.

I believe that humans are hard wired to be about love. That is why when we hear about disasters, like hurricanes or earthquakes, we offer to help even though we do not even know anyone there.

On a more personal scale, how does love affect our relationships with friends? We enjoy being with them because we enjoy their company and when they ask for help, we ask them what kind of help they need. Why? Because we love them.

When those of us who do healing work, we are opening our hearts to those who come to us. This kind of love takes the form of empathy and compassion. The healing energy travels between us on a flow of open hearted transmission that helps bring healing to them.

When we put time, energy or money into causes we believe in, that is also a labor of love, as we influence the world in ways that we believe are important.

There is a metaphysical axiom that all things come from either love or fear. When we choose to do what enlivens us and animates us, lights us up, whether that is our work, a hobby, a sport or activity we enjoy, getting together with friends, any of those things, and more, we are acting from love. When people are jealous, angry, envious, greedy, deceitful, mean or cruel, those are all things motivated by fear.

So when we embrace a higher level of consciousness, we are embracing love in all aspects. When we act out of more loving attitudes and perspectives, we are happy to see others do well, and that includes family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, customers, clients, and strangers we encounter. It is a whole environment of love that we are choosing to live in.

It is only when we do that that we are able to evolve to a higher level. Constantly operating out of fear dooms us to a lower level of consciousness. When we operate from a higher perspective, we have greater vision. We are more capable of seeing the big picture and where we and others fit into it. As we do that, we create a more loving environment all around ourselves, and our lives and those of everyone we touch.

So yes, a good place to begin is in our relations with others, radiating from the closest ones to us and then radiating outward in ever expanding concentric circles. Picture that ripple in the water from where you threw that pebble in.

So as we wrap our mind around the annual Valentine's moods and actions, let us also envision ourselves and those we care about rising to a higher level where we are all living a life based on love.

Can you see your lover as one aspect in a love filled life? Are you ready to fill your life with love in all these other aspects?

Happy Valentine's to all of you!


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