Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Love, Power, Focus, Clarity and Us

A problem with New Year's resolutions is that people often lose focus. In my own case, for example, it has been a good idea for a while to lose some weight. However, recent developments with my diabetes has made it more important than just a good idea. So I am doing some of the same things you have already heard about, such as keeping a food diary every day and monitoring my blood sugar numbers more diligently.

So the two most important steps are to simply eat less and exercise more, which I am doing and it is working. The numbers are not all where they need to be yet, but they are getting there. Some of you will be able to see the difference next time you see me. What you see depends on how soon you see me. :)

Here are a few things I have learned about energy management in the process. Perhaps these will be useful to you too.

Exercise is something that people often find boring. Health clubs make tons of money every year on people who buy memberships and then quit after a few months.

What I like to do is use the main rec center that the city has built for us. I like it. Lots of people use it and the building is always full of energy because everyone there, no matter what shape they are currently in, are doing something to improve themselves. So while I am there working out, there are others there running, lifting weights, swimming, playing basketball, volleyball, doing zumba, taking various exercise and fitness classes. In other words, I am in a vortex of energy that is made buoyant with motivated people. This energy feeds me. I feel like it helps me do what I do. The atmosphere is so charged with energy that I feel lighter and more motivated to keep going longer and doing more to be more vigorous in my own workouts. Now that this habit has taken root, I have the same motivation every day, no matter how many others are there.

What has happened is that I feel lighter both because I am eating less, my muscles are getting more toned, and I can see the numbers that indicate that my health is improving. I have to use my will power as much as anyone else to redirect my energy and my focus away from snacking and eating sugary foods. After all, we diabetics do have a sweet tooth. Diabetes runs in the family and I have had relatives die the horrible way from amputations, kidney failure, blindness and the rest, and I will not be going that way.

I have been inspired by seeing some of the other readers who have changed their lives and lost significant weight and changed their bodies in the last year or so. Sarah has been very inspiring. And another reader friend, Jennifer, tells me that she does her workouts every day by putting hard rock music in her headphones and dancing out in the yard every morning. I have seen my nephew, Mandus, decide to change his life by becoming a bodybuilder. He is now highly motivated and becoming successful. I have seen others shift gears from being doubtful to successful. Sometimes what it takes is encouragement, which comes from love, that enables a person to set aside their self doubts and become more of what they want to become.

I have come close to dying a few times in this lifetime, and I am convinced that I am still here because spirit still has things for me to do. And I still have things for me to do. Every day when I get up, the first thing I do is thank them for giving me another day. Then I give myself a little quiet time.

All of this energizes me to pick up the pace. I am focused. There is no doubt what I will do next.

I am more focused on my physical changes, and this energizes me to be more focused in dong my work, communicating with you, and doing better healing and reading work all the time.

You see, all of us who do this work learn to tune into frequencies and ride on various energy waves to do what we do. When we are really focused and connecting with others is when our readings and healings are most effective.

Learning to tune in and ride the waves of energy are not things you can simply learn from reading a book. Reading books is an excellent way to gain knowledge and insight, but there are things you can only learn by doing, and some successes you can only achieve after having experienced failure and making mistakes.

Sometimes death, destruction and difficulties are what it takes to inspire us to rise to new levels of greatness.

How bad do you really want what you want? If you do not desire it greatly, you need to choose again and restate your goals. There is no fire in the belly for goals that you feel are OK if you get them and OK if you don't. Without a strong desire, you cannot achieve. Without a clear vision, you cannot achieve your desire. Unless you take action, you cannot achieve your goals.

Remember, all the choices we make in life come from either love or fear. Life will always work better when we choose from love. We are weak when we choose from fear. Love provides us the strength, clarity, vision and energy to evolve to our next level. That often means doing things we did not know we could do, finding a way and staying focused.

One final story I want to share on this note. As many of you who have known me a long time know, I used to have a ponytail and dress a little differently. Then about two years ago, my daughter Jenny was visiting from Australia and so we went out to listen to some jazz, talk, drink a little scotch, and just hang out. When we got home, she looked at me and said, "it's time for the ponytail to go."  So she took out a scissors and chopped it off. I let her. I agreed with her that it was time for a change. So then I had to go to a hairdresser to make the new look work, rather than just missing a chunk.

Later that year, I was doing readings at the big metaphysical fair we always do at the Merchandise Mart in Denver. Some of you will remember Harusami, a reader who used to sit next to me. We were friends and she liked having the spot next to me. The last show we worked together, she got up with her camera and said "You need a new photo. You have not had one since you got your new look."
That is the head shot that you see at the top of this newsletter.

Harusami died very suddenly a year ago in fall, and I still think that this is the best photo anyone has taken of me in a long time. It still looks like I look now. What she did was an act of love, and I feel that it still expresses clarity and strength as well as the new look.

The things we do with clarity, love and focus have the power to survive time and great changes.

Is what you are expressing about your own life right now coming from clarity, love, vision and focus?

Maybe I can help. Ask me. I am here. It is now. I am ready. Are you?


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