Friday, December 16, 2016

Dancing with the Light

One of the most beautiful aspects of December is all of the beautiful lights we see. They are beautiful on the surface and they are also symbolic.

During this darkest, coldest time of the year, all our celebrations are about bringing the light into our lives and celebrating it. As we enjoy cozy evenings at home we have time to reflect on what daarker aspects of our life that we want to let go of and what we would burn in the Yule fire. Even if you do not have a fireplace, you can take a bowl and then write on a piece of paper all of the darker aspects of life that you want to let go. These could be various fears about love, relationships, money, career, health, spiritual paths or any other life quests.

This process is also about letting go of bad habits, behaviors that hold us back, attitudes we need to let go of, any impediment to our progress. Each of us knows what that is for us.

So when you write these things on paper and then burn them, we are symbolically cleansing ourselves.

Then we replace what was removed with our hopes, dreams, desires, and visions for the future. With each candle we light. name one of those things you want more of in your life. This simple ritual brings more light into your life and brightens your prospect for the near and longer term future.

This small personal ritual is a mirror of the bigger dance of light we see all around us.

When we invite people into our homes for holiday parties, we are bringing light into the house. We literally light our lives with electric lights, candles, fires, and other means, but the biggest light of all is that which comes from sharing joyous moments with our friends and family, with conversation, story telling, dancing, singing, music, special seasonal foods and drinks.

The presence of these people is the greatest source of light of all.

So as we balance the quiet moments at home with our thoughts, reflections and feelings, our musings on our selves and our recent developments, we have time to meditate on all these things that matter to us and quietly set our thoughts and feelings in order to create a positive atmosphere and opening for the entrance of the light.

Then we join with others and celebrate our hopes and dreams that will return with the new light, sometimes growing so subtly and slowly that changes are not obvious, and then eventually we see the greater opening and the flood of light that greets our new developments.

If you do this personal ritual in your home as you celebrate the spirit of this season you will find yourself uplifted and energized with great prospects on your horizon.

Do the dance of the light and dark. Burn off what you want to let go, and light lights to symbolize what you welcome in.

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