Saturday, December 3, 2016

How many lives do we touch?

A few weeks ago, when I was getting ready to have my cataract surgery, I posted a small simple request on my Facebook page and said that I would appreciate any healing energy or prayers that anyone would want to send me for a successful surgery. Even though my sister had the same surgery with the same surgeon and was happy with the results, it still was a strange thought to have someone cutting on my eye, so even though I trusted the surgeon, it was a strange unsettling thought. So I got ready by reaffirming that I trusted him to do his job on me excellently as he had done on many other people, and that everything would go well and I would be able to see clearly again.

So I thought that perhaps a handful of my friends would respond. Then during the next couple of days nearly 100 people wished me well and said that they would send prayers and healing energy.

I was totally blown away by this response. I had no expectation or preconceived notion of what would happen, so this just opened a whole new window for me to see through.

Among the responses were acknowledgments from people who I had helped in some way, some of whom I had forgotten about because I thought what I did for them was small. But obviously to those people, what I did for them was memorable. Some of that may have been as simple as sending them healing energy when they needed it. For others, it was a reading that confirmed or clarified a tough choice or difficult situation they were facing. For others it might have been that I helped them feel better when they really needed it or encouraged them to pursue their dreams rather than settle for something else.

The important lesson here is that every day we touch the lives of others, and we may not be conscious of how much that may mean to them. I think that we all have a tendency to keep the big things in mind but what is small to one person may be big to another person.

Every day, I affirm that I am here to be of service to others through the work I do, and I promise my spirit guides that I will help whoever they send me, and that I will need their help to do all this. I consciously acknowledge this help, which is how I stay in the flow. I know that everything will get done because they are helping to get it done. And that is why some things may seem small to me, because they helped me to do it, and the flow of energies just eased everything along.

This enormous response has made me even more aware of all these interactions, and in so doing, has increased my commitment to do even more. This was a simple, yet powerful demonstration that the good energies we put out in the world come back to us, so we always need to be aware of the energies we are putting out. Having a positive attitude every day makes a difference.

Things people have said recently really touched me in profound ways because it had been years since the original contact. Or things that transpired between us that flowed in the course of a day's work for me, yet it was something that had a memorable effect on someone else. It is always my intention to be helpful to whoever comes to me for whatever reason, my vow is to be of service. Sometimes I know how that helped and sometimes I don't. Being acknowledged in this way affirms the value and efficacy of my work. That moment of realization is stunning and life affirming. Thank you for that.

How many lives do we touch? Are we conscious of how we touch them?

What lessons do we learn from each of the people we meet? Sometimes these are great lessons, but remember even small, simple lessons can be great. If we each help others when we are able, the whole world becomes a better place, one person, one action at a time.

At this time of year, of course, there is always a frenzy about shopping and gift giving. This is part of our culture. But let me shift your focus just a little.

How would December be different if we all just realized that we are the real gifts we give each other? Yes, of course, some goods would still be exchanged, and there would be many parties, concerts and grand celebrations.

Focus on this thought for a moment. What if we considered that every person we interact with, every person who is part of our lives, even if only for a few moments or a few hours, as a gift? How would we treat each person differently?

We have probably all experienced times when just a kind look, a friendly smile or some act of generosity helped make someone's day. Or when someone asks for help or advice and you just do that with their best interests in mind. Doesn't that feel good?

How do our interactions change if we begin each encounter with an assumption that we are all here to help each other? Everything would flow better, wouldn't it?

What would happen if you took a few moments to express your gratitude to those who are and have been helpful and kind to you? What waves of good energy could we stir up and all it would take is a word, a call, an email, a message to let those people know that you appreciate them. If we are all giving and receiving this kind of energy, what kind of world would we be living in?

If you would like to find out, try this simple exercise. Having been the recipient of this lately, it has been a very heart opening experience that is still shifting my feelings and ideas. It is both humbling and encouraging.

Yes, since my eye surgery, I am learning to see again.

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This is Very Inspirational . You are a Pure Soul Thus God has Blessed You with a Successfull Operation.

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