Thursday, May 9, 2019

How Gratitude Leads to Success

Gratitude is powerful. Notice how it feels to say Thank you for sending me more clients as compared to how you feel when you say Please send me more clients. Thank you is more powerful because it brings your rhythms into alignment with the state of receiving and being and doing. You act as if things are in process, not a wishing well away.

What we discover when we are expressing gratitude every day is that things keep getting better. Our spirit guides keep sending good developments and good people our way. By keeping our mind open to receiving what spirit is sending us, we get comfortable with the fact that things may not always turn out the way we pictured, but they do turn out well. This is because they may have the ability to see things that we do not, and so we must simply trust that we are proceeding toward our goals.

There are times when the reasons for our gratitude are obvious and things are falling into place exactly as expected. Then there are other times when we find ourselves wondering why we met this person, or why we were offered an opportunity to do this unexpected thing. We just need to trust. Remember, there are no accidents. Every person we meet, we meet for a reason. As a result, we sometimes are prompted into a reflective mood and others, we may be propelled into a huge change.

Notice how natural it is that when we are in a state of gratitude that we are also happy. We feel full when the universe is conspiring to aid us in our quest, our journey. It is like how you feel after a good meal, when you are comfortably full and do not wish for anything else. Just happy to be.

Gratitude is a key for helping us let go of jealousy. When we are happy with how things are going for us, we do not waste energy worrying about what others are getting. Gratitude gives us peace.

Sometimes we may feel as if we are not making much progress on our goals, but notice how when we express gratitude even for small favors, bigger ones soon follow. Our spirit guides appreciate when we express gratitude and then open the door to more for us.

How good do you feel when you are on the right track? When we express gratitude we feel like we are on the right track even if nothing is happening right now. Our shift in attitude stimulates a better response. So consider for a moment how we view our world.

Are we viewing ourselves from a position of lack? In other words, we fell short or we are not enough, we do not have what we need or really want? Or do we view ourselves as having what we need to enjoy our life today and what we need to make progress on our goals? Our attitude makes all the difference in what happens next.

How good does it feel to simply quiet your mind while you pause and reflect on how good life is and the positive developments that are happening. Then notice what happens after you do that. Make it part of every day and life will get more beautiful and happy by the moment.

Every day is a blessing. That is why my first thought every day is "thank you for giving me another day." When we start off this way, we open the way for everything to get even better. With this attitude, even something as small as someone smiling at us becomes a gift. And one good thing opens the way for another.

When we are in a state of gratitude, everything is good, everything is successful, we are full of joy. Use your feelings to lead into the actions. Shift from worrying about if we are worthy to seeing how we will succeed. Gratitude moves us from self sabotage to self confidence.

Expressing gratitude is the one thing you can do today that will cost you nothing and improve everything.

I love all of you and love to help you to find your way into your alignment. I will always do my best for all of you with the assistance of my spirit guides. Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

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