Friday, October 18, 2019

The Nature of Our Hunt

The full moon of October, whose light has been shining on us these last few days, is known as the Hunter's Moon or Blood Moon. For some of us, hunting in the same spirit of our ancestors who would go hunting every year before the onset of deep winter so that there would be meat to eat was an important preparation for the change of season.

For most of us now though, the hunt is metaphorical. We still hunt to feed ourselves, although our hunt now may be focused on finding work that suits us best, so that we can make a good living by doing something that we enjoy doing.

On the way to doing this, some of us may have work that supports us but does not deeply satisfy us and we satisfy that other part of our soul by hunting for the methods and activities that bring us joy, fulfillment and offer us a deep insight into who we are and what we are doing here in this life.

We see evidence of this in the fact that there is a never ending river of self help books and recordings to help us in this respect, plus many different healers, coaches, teachers, and others who are now a part of daily life helping us to find more joy, creativity, vibrant health and good relationships. All of this is part of our evolution.

How so? During our lifetime, we have seen people living longer, doing yoga, tai chi, water exercises, working out and enjoying physical activities like hiking, bicycling or dancing at advanced ages. And it was not that long ago that going to a workshop, taking a metaphyiscal class or going to see an alternative healer was considered an odd thing to do. But today we see massage therapists everywhere, and nurses in hospitals and caregivers in people's homes now are doing reiki with their patients and people in these professions are learning more about energy healing as a way to augment their other skills. Hospitals and doctors now advise people to try meditation as a way to improve health. Not too long ago, these developments would have been seen as far outside the norms.

How far has this evolution extended? One way is to look at the consciousness of younger people as well. Today, it is common that young people have a working knowledge of these things such as chakras, auras, positive thinking, affirmations, vision boards, soulmate relationships, visualization, meditation, connections to spirit guides and more. To put it in perspective, I never heard of any of this when I was in my late teens or 20s. It fills my heart with joy to see this because it means that these young people who are aware at these levels have great potential for their lives.

Hunting implies that we are focusing on achieving a goal. We are seeking that which will serve us well and assist us in our journey in life. So just like hunters who trek through the woods to find a deer or other big animal that will help feed their family, we trek through the great landscape of the mind, looking for those people and methods that will help feed our spirit. Our connections to spirit and our connections to other people are intimately related.

Our hunt is about partners, teachers, peers, mentors, friends, associates. And this is the root of why we make changes in the course of a lifetime. It is now normal that most of us will have more than one career during our life, we will live in more than one place, change religious beliefs, change political beliefs, change our ideas of fitness and fun, and these changes are as common as changing the ways we arrange our homes or the clothes we wear.

In this post industrial age, computers have changed a great deal about the way we do things. We are served best when we learn how to use this new technology and balance that with the down to earth things that we can do and love to do and do not require advanced computer technology.

So, in this respect, our hunts have changed. Hunting for just the right career path, the best partner, the most beneficial habits and activities are targets which we will reset a number of times during our life. What are you on the hunt for now? If you are sensing that the time is right for a change, you are simply going with the flow. Each time we reach a new stage of development, we reset our goals and begin the new hunt.

Once we have mastered the arts of survival, we can turn our attention to those things which have been tweaking our curiosity, those developments that increase our joy and explorations of possibilities. There is a wealth of experience just ahead. Once we identify those of greatest interest to us, our joy of living is multiplied. You see, when we find different ways to feed ourselves, we enjoy the walk as much as we do the hunt.

In the spirit of the season, as Halloween approaches, the photo above is one that I took at the Blackfoot Pathways Sculpture in the Wild Park located on the Blackfoot Reservation in Montana. It is titled "Tree Circus" by American artist Patrick Dougherty. From a distance, it looks like a circle of witches dancing in the woods, and it has windows and doors built in so that you can get inside it and examine it from all angles. It is all made out of branches woven together. A structure in the woods made out of wood. I loved the experience of walking in this sculpture garden. It is just one of those things that presents us with metaphorical questions. What do we think we know about witches? Is there anything about that that we can use? Is that something we want to learn about or is that just a whimsical image that is solely used for seasonal entertainment? What do we know about sculpture? How do we experience it? Twisted tree branches are just as much an art form as carved marble statues. Does that have anything to do with our lives? When we are on the hunt, all kinds of things pop up. Notice what affects our focus.

Spirit always brings things to our attention, then it is up to us to act on it. Or at least consider it before making our next move. The more we progress, the more mysteries we encounter. Within mysteries are secrets, and within those mysteries are the codes of our soul.

Any time any one of you contacts me, it really helps make my day whether you want to make an appointment or just to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I like hearing your stories of what has been happening since the last time we met. And of course, I am always ready to help with what is next. Let this note help make your day. I love you.

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