Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Great Awakenings arising from this crazy time

Although the stay at home strategy to help reduce the spread of the virus is making lots of things difficult for millions of people, there are some great awakenings coming from this experience.

First, I want to tell all of you who are keeping in touch that it is really good to hear from you. I also am checking on other people I care about. All calls and messages are welcome.

Another one is that it is heart warming to see people volunteering to help others.

Another is that we begin to realize what are the things that we really need.

All this talk about death makes us think about what we are doing and why, and if there are other choices we should be making to improve the quality of our life?

Another is that we have time to do things we have been thinking about, and in this process, we have an opportunity to sort out what is important and what is not.

Kind of amazing, isn't it? This craziness prompts us to think of the important things we want to work on and get done, while the lesser things are easy to identify and set aside.

No matter what we think of all these recent events, beyond a doubt, our minds are re-directing our focus to what is really important. Is it something you would like to talk about? Are you feeling like you could use help with focus? Are you having a hard time letting go of some things and choosing others?

We get a glimpse of karma while all this is going on, don't we? Isn't it interesting who we are keeping in touch with and who is keeping in touch with us? Isn't it interesting to see what value we attach to things now? Isn't it interesting to see how we are choosing to use our time?


Have you noticed how your feelings are really a language that spirit uses to communicate with us?

Like many of you, I have always got some projects set aside for later. So I am going through this stack of books that I want to read. Yet, when I am picking them up and wondering if this is what I should read next, I get that definite gut feeling of no, and on other books, the clear feeling of yes. And I notice that some of this is running contrary to what I thought when I got them, so my spirit guides are shifting my focus. That nudge you feel in your gut when making a choice is a clear yes or no from our spirit guides. Figuring out why they say yes or no is for us to figure out later.

As I mentioned previously, I am experimenting with new techniques since public events have been cancelled. Thanks to you, I have learned to use Zoom for individual consultations and we have done a couple of family meetings using Zoom since we live all over the country.

And I have begun making videos on You Tube. At present, I am just doing some brief talks for inspiration rather than classes. I have done some individual classes using Skype and Zoom, so if you are interested, let's make good use of this technology.

My schedule is very open and I am happy to be flexible on my prices for those who are having a hard time financially.

Since last newsletter, the expo companies have set their dates back further because of all the current restrictions. So now, the first expo back on the schedule is Mid-June.

So things are moving forward. Take advantage of this down time to get some emotional support or spiritual insight while all this panic is swirling all around us.

Have you also experienced your feelings steering you in new directions? Have you been feeling that it is time for a new direction? Are you feeling a strong draw to interests you have had on the back burner for a while now?

On a lighter note, since I have not been going out much, I have forgotten about buying lottery tickets. My winnings have been the same as when I was buying tickets.

Another light note is that since walking is one of the few things we can do for exercise and enjoyment, lots more people are out walking now than usual and most of the people I see will smile, say hello or exchange brief conversations. It is quite nice that this is happening. Perhaps after this panic is over, more people will continue the habit of walking. What are other good developments you can see arising from all this?

The photo above I took inside a botanical garden in Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago. I just loved this art which looked like it was created with tiles.

Working from home in my home office, I am available for calls via Skype, Facebook Messenger, Zoom or cell.

First of all, because I realize that many of you may be in the situation of having had your business shut down, I will happily work out a discounted price for anyone who is in a tight financial situation. So if you feel that I can help you and you would like to have a session, price will be no obstacle.

Second, my schedule is flexible to accommodate all of you. Appointments are available days, evenings and weekends. I have been doing this for years so that scheduling will present no obstacle for you.

You can find more special offers on my website  

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