Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Entertainer

Today I was filling out a profile on a networking site that is business centered rather than social networking. You have to select from an established menu what type of business you are in. The only choice that was even sort of appropriate was "entertainer."

Some readers, tarot or otherwise, might take exception to being called an entertainer, since they may see themselves as performing a serious service for their clients. But I got used to being referred to as an entertainer years ago when I worked the Renaissance Festivals.

I have also worked parties hosted by business owners who regarded me as an entertainer for their guests. I feel that if regarding this as strictly entertainment allows you to relax and engage in the process, that is fine.

Of course it will seem mysterious to the person who wonders how it could possibly be that someone who merely interprets randomly dealt picture cards could tell them anything relevant. Yet, it happens all the time of course. It is mysterious, fascinating and beautiful to stare into the face of the mysteries of life and find a thread that describes a pattern in yours.

It also becomes fascinating when a person takes action on something the cards reveal and they find that it yields a good result in their life. So it can be entertaining because I always try and present what I am getting with liveliness and humor, where possible. And sometimes it is entertaining for the person getting the reading, because they are the main character in the story they are reading, and who doesn't enjoy taking a turn in the role of the star?

Yes, I am that kind of entertainer.

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