Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Much Do We Need to Know?

Dr. Andrew Weil in his book 8 Weeks to Optimum Health suggested a "news fast" as part of part of his stress reducing plan. While that may strike some as a foolish suggestion, just consider how quickly the $700 billion dollar bailout of the banking industry went from colossal news to no news.
Most banks, of course, would prefer we forget.

How many other stories were huge and then forgotten? If major things are happening in the world, we will know about it because people will be talking about it, and mention of it will be inescapable. And truly, what of the big news is surprising? That people are getting killed in Iraq? That growing numbers of people are in favor of green energy and that some are not? That some people are trying to think of negative things to say about our new president even before he takes office while many other people are optimistic and hopeful about what he does?

Now consider more personal news. What is happening with your family, friends and neighbors? What is more empowering? Focus on doing things that help you feel connected and make you feel good.

I am not advocating ignorance. I am only saying that I am eager to see our new president put some of his talk into action. I would like to see the war end. I would like to see the economy perk back up.

Just as importantly, I have to do things to maintain my own health. I have to do things to help me obtain a peaceful state of mind, at least for a while every day. I have to do those things that will help me focus on creating the best life for myself that I can. Part of that is by earning income so that I can pay for things I need. Part of that comes from doing things that are of service to other people.

So what do I need to do in order to do that?

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