Monday, December 15, 2008

Feeding the Soul with Art

Art is something that can stir our souls and our tastes in art are very individualistic. It is so common that what one person finds amazingly beautiful another person cannot stand to look at.

Sometimes our own tastes change too. I hjave long enjoyed going to art fairs and if I feel a real connection to a work, and especially if I meet the artist and have a good conversation with them, I will get a piece and enjoy looking at it, maybe for years. Sometimes I can gain equal enjoyment from a poster or print.

But eventually, you can run out of wall space. So over the years, I have found great enjoyment in giving away art to friends. Framed art can be a very delicate thing to move without damaging, so it also eases your move. In the process, someone now has a nice gift, and you get to change the look of your place. The new art can represent a change in perspective, and a new meditative device for you. Ancient people long have used art as a way to achieve an altered state, a meditative state, a magical state of awareness.

Look at how much is being communicated to us through cave paintings. Even to this day, the messages they communicate are powerful and mysterious.

I have found that there may be some pieces we keep for a lifetime, but overall, I have found that the art that really moves me needs to change as I change.

Art can be magical, meditative, aphrodisiac, inspiring, energizing, so many things. Inexpensive pieces can work as well as expensive pieces. Whatever moves you. If you need an energy shift in your life, try changing your art.