Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Resuming Memory

How many times do we find ourselves in the position of doing something that we need to do, and then we remember we used to do this more frequently? How many times have we suddenly remembered to do something that at one time we considered a good regular practice?

How many times have we thought that we have wanted to get into work that was more aligned with our true spirit but we put it off?

How many times have we found ourselves in a job or position that we know we are not happy in, but we have resigned ourselves to it, because it is hard to find any job in this economy, so we settle?

All work is important, but in different ways at different times. When we are doing a job for survival because it was the only one we could find, it is still something we do efficiently so that we make some money. Then there are the jobs that we really want to do because it speaks to us, we feel that we are using our skills for a higher purpose.

So when we get ourselves back on track with what we wanted to do, it is not like we are learning what to do, but rather remembering what we used to know, and do and then resuming it.

Perhaps what we are remembering is how to move back on track toward what we want, even if we are operating in survival mode now.

Of course we can reset our goals. We do it all the time, but it is so much clearer when we do it consciously. All of us have had some experience of thinking that one career path would be what we wanted, but then we changed directions.

We need to take the pressure off ourselves sometimes. Example. If we have been frustrated getting that book we want to write started, then remind our self that our other work is our current source of income, and that writing the book is a hobby for now. That way we may free our self to get started by just loosening up and digging in. Then, when we have something to show, we can go to the next step.

Sometimes we are remembering our dreams and remembering our desires. Sometimes we are jogged awake and reawaken a dream that we forgot a while ago.

Rather than engaging in something new, we are simply resuming a memory and acting on it. There is an energy that is often gained if we reaffirm and earlier dream and pursue it with a renewed energy and more mature approach, the seasoning that comes from experience.

Yes, there will be times when we have let go of a dream because it is no longer inspiring us as it once did. That is when we let go, consciously, and then free our energy to set a new course.

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