Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yang Energy for the New Year

Now that I have enjoyed some time resting and gathering energy in the yin space, I begin the new year with yang energy reaching out to accelerate the drive to build up my business, crank up the networking and getting the new year off to a start with a vigorous thrust of energy.

Although work has not fully reengaged yet, lots of dates are being put on the calendar and plans are taking shape.

I have culled through my book and music collections and traded in a fair number of things and renewed my focus my attention on what I want to grow this year.

As I was doing a deep cleaning of my living space, it struck me that this would be a good time to review the writings of Carlos Castaneda and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Listening to some of the dance albums I have not heard in a while also reinforced my decision to spend more time dancing every week as well as working out more.

Tarot trading has been fast and furious for me and I have a great new inventory to offer those who are looking for something special.

Exercises like this are always valuable to me, because no matter how many times I have done this, things slip by and I find that there are things laying around that I do not use any more, music I don't listen to or books that I will not get around to reading, and once I strip them away, then there are the ones that it will be good to use more.

Things can pile up and get out of hand when you let them. Clutter hides important things from view and delays decisive action. It takes a motivated effort to prepare for the next stage of action, clarifying thoughts and getting ready to spring into action with a burst of yang energy.

All in all, I am glad that I spent my new year's time this way. I am feeling ready for a new year.

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