Monday, January 10, 2011

Taking Another Road to Get There

Have you ever experienced a time when you felt that your situation would reach a favorable conclusion, even though you did not know how?

There is a magical, surreal quality to the progress of events. Perhaps the source of that is that we are really connected to the source. Being connected to the source, we know that whatever course of events we find ourselves following, that it will turn out alright.

We can imagine several options, and any of them could be pleasing.

It is exactly when we let go of thinking that there is only one solution that we are free to welcome other solutions.

Going with the flow, we tap into the life energy all around us and take the path of least resistance.

Trusting that there will be a good outcome to our situation eases our struggles. We still have to make efforts in our own behalf, but allow that there are a number of good possible outcomes. When we do that, we find more freedom.

It is not that we do not set goals, rather it is that we trust that there is more than one way to achieve our goal. In so doing, we might find ourselves restating or redefining what the goal is.

The closer we tap into the source of energy, the more we can feel that we are riding the wave instead of pushing against the current.

If our energy is flowing swiftly, and we are making progress, so what if it took a different route than we planned?

It is like driving down a road toward the place we want to go, and we see that an accident or road work has jammed up the flow of traffic ahead, so we detour and find another road that will get us there.

Look at how that same analogy works in other places in your life.

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