Friday, February 18, 2011

Going Within

The quiet is rich with promise as we meet at the border, hesitating before going within. There is nothing sweeter once that line has been crossed.

Even the gentlest touch can lead to uncovering that place where the treasures are buried when we go within. There is sweetness and light even in the darkest of places, tenderness moves fear out of the way. Passion and vision accelerate the flow and light up the night. There is only darkness where we do not move and stiffness sets in.

Going within we warm ourselves by the fire that only we can see. Our fire is invisible to those who are not part of it, but the glow illuminates our path and the warmth signals to all who are within range of our senses and announces our triumph in the realm of the senses.

Spirits rise with the embers of the fire we built going within, but the bed of orange coals is ready to expand on the wings of our breath. Breathe into the place where these embers glow and our creativity reaches for ways to build bridges to wherever we want to go. Breathe deep into your belly and feel the flames consume all doubt and propel us to the water's edge, and we sail forth on our second wind, relishing the waters that show our feelings while the juicy orange glow illuminates our horizons and the pulsing drives fire and water to make steam.

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