Friday, February 18, 2011

Past Lives Are Our Whales

Have you ever gone on a whale watching trip? You rarely see the whole whale come above the surface because their mass is just below the surface, so when they dive, you see just a little bit of the top of their back and their tail. Of course it is there, you just can't see it all, unless you want to snorkel or scuba.

Past lives are our whales. Long ago connections tweak our consciousness and surface offering just glimpses, but the glimpses break the surface and hint at what is below.

When do we need to know more? When do we want to know more? Is this fragment of memory adding to our connection, to our pleasure?

What is it that is signaling to us, breaking through the surface of our awareness, calling to us to look?

If there is this elusive bit that is tantalizing us with bits of memory that are just out of reach, we can not grab it. We have to swim around with it. We have to snorkel or scuba and dive beneath the surface to see the big picture.

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whaatamithinking said...

i love that analogy. That is exactly how I feel. I get a glimpse of something and it happens so fast I cant quite place the memory. Sometimes a smell or a song bring me somwhere and I can feel it and remember it for a second but the vision disappears. I am left with just the feeling or recognition of something. I feel like i have had many lives. Old soul... very old. I wish I could get hypnotised to find out what they all were.