Wednesday, October 24, 2012



The first time I heard one of Gabrielle's recordings, Waves, I just kept playing it over and over. The trances induced by her music, on both that recording and others of hers, has fed my spirit and my visions for years. 

I had the pleasure of meeting her, interviewing her and dancing in one of her workshops. Her work taps into powerful streams of energy and consciousness. I am grateful to have discovered Gabrielle and her work and know that her journey into the next world will be blessed.

Listening to her music inspired me to get more interested in drumming and dancing. Reading her books was a fresh burst of inspiration.

Rhythm underlies all of our communications. It is present in our voice, our writing, our connections with other people. Dance is one obvious way we connect with others. There is an altered space we get to when we dance.

There was also an altered space I get to when listening to Gabrielle's music. That altered space creates all kinds of inspired thoughts and feelings. Her work was magical, visceral and profound. Her recordings still work for me even all these years later and after more listenings than I can count.

Its amazing how things we discover when we weren't looking for them can turn out over time to be of lasting value to us.

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