Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Occam's Razor of Metaphysics

Love and fear are the two biggest motivators we have in life. Upon first hearing this, it sounds too simple to some people, but then after thinking about it, it makes sense. This is the Occam's razor of metaphysics and motivation. The razor simply shaves away the unnecessary complications. Occam's razor simply says that the simplest method usually works best.

When you get up in the morning, do you find yourself saying "I am so happy to be doing what I am doing and I am looking forward to what I have to do today." Or do you find yourself saying "I don't like my job, but at least it's a paycheck."

Even those of us who are happy with what we are doing probably had times in our lives when we felt like we were in the wrong place too, but then we looked for opportunities to change that situation. Acting from love is what would cause a person to find a more enjoyable way to earn money. Isn't it better to wake up every day happy to be alive and looking forward to doing what you have to do?

The same applies to relationships. I hear people say that they are in a relationship that does not work for them but that they are afraid to leave it because they do not have a better offer waiting.

So in both situations, the first question to ask is whether there is any way to make the current situation better.

If the answer is that you have looked at all the possibilities and made the effort but the other parties are not willing to make any change or allow you to change, then it is time to move on. Be grateful for whatever lessons you have learned and then turn your attention to finding a way to be happy living your life.

In work, the best time to look for another job or investigate ways of starting your own business is while you still have a job and income from the job you don't like. If we wait until there is a layoff or buyout or company reorganization, we may find ourselves grasping at straws, grabbing whatever opportunity is offered, and most likely that results in landing in another position that is not really a good fit. It will probably fall into that category of "at least it's a paycheck" and certainly life will be more enjoyable for us if we are not stuck in that mindset.

How does that apply to the rest of your life? The issue is being happy whether you are in a relationship or not or whether you have your dream job or not.

Every time we raise the level of joy in our lives, we are raising the amount of love we operate from. Find a way to raise your vibration. Engage in some activity or hobby that increases your joy and nurtures feelings of love.

All of this contributes to your sense of making your life choices out of love rather than fear. The more often we can act out of love, the happier our life is over all.

Let go of all those misguided notions that we have to settle for an unhappy situation because we are afraid that we cannot do better. Choose out of love rather than fear. Once you start doing this, you will feel the difference. Life is so much better when we do. Maybe we cannot change everything in a day, but we can start today.

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