Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lighting Fires in the Dark

Winter Solstice was Monday night. During this midwinter day, as we light candles to part the darkness, it is a perfect time to reflect on what fears we want to let go of, so that more light can come into our life during this coming year.

Mine is that I am letting go of all fears that limit my thinking about whether I can make my tarot business full time this year.

As the darkness recedes and the light grows, my determination grows stronger and my business grows. The returning sun shines on my labors, warms my energies and lights my path.

Letting go of fear is a process that we have to keep reaffirming as we replace it with joy, love and optimism.

There may also be habits that we need to change in order to be more successful, such as better organization and sharper focus. Right after the holidays, I will begin sorting out my receipts and preparing for my taxes, which will also provide a clearer time line and goals for actions during this transitional year.

What we lose in the dark is consumed by the fire, the fire of our passion, the fire of our vision. We have to set fires to burn away what we don't want and light our way to what we do want.

As we spend these cold winter nights staying warm with extra clothing, extra blankets, light candles to signify your desires. Let them burn brightly as the sun begins to grow again in the night. Each time you light a candle, let it illuminate a thought, a vision, a dream of your future. Let the lighting of the candles signify the willful actions you will take to achieve your goals and bring more of what you want into your life.

Let these little fires continue to feed the larger fire that burns from within. Light the fires that make this year the time for transition into greater success.

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