Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Helpful Spirits

We often see what we expect to see. People who expect to see angels as people with wings will have that vision. People who expect to see demons who look like giant lizards will have those visions.

There are other ways to see spirit guides, and these are worth considering. This is why ancient people could divine messages from the flight of birds, from meditating with trees, from fumes coming from fissures in the earth.

Is it not a blessing to find shade on a hot summer day? Is this a gift when you are hot and tired?

When you are walking and suddenly flowers are there along your path, and these flowers prompt feelings of gratitude and joy, are these not messages that lift your spirits?

When you ingest plants for healing, whether as tea, tincture, salve, bath salts, incense, or as seasoning in foods, are these not messengers from the earth, healing spirits come to us in solid form?

When you have a rapport with animals and you can communicate with them gently, is this not a spiritual bridge between different life forms?

Why wouldn't helpful spirits manifest as plants, animals or stones as well as people with wings?

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