Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Working Between Two Worlds

What does it mean to start your own business? To me, it means taking an idea and doing what it takes to make it real, building it up until it provides enough income so that you can live on it while generating enough business to continue and grow the business.

Developing an idea through your sweat equity until it takes on a life of its own is a very satisfying feeling. Those of us who do not have enough of a nest egg to entirely finance their start up and don't want to have partners in order to get access to more money so that they can retain their ownership and vision, usually have to work some other job or jobs until the vision really gets rolling.

Manifesting has become a popular term in recent years, but creating a new business from an idea takes a lot of hard work, time, energy, willful action, in addition to having a clear vision of the goal.

There are times when there is a real flow between vision and action, when you are moving in the direction of your dream and you are getting support from customers and others who help propel you forward and add substance to the dream. In those moments, the process feels very magical and you feel very blessed.

Every person who starts their own business has some experience of this. Whether you have done it once or a few times, there are ups and downs, but when the sense of agreement in the universe is strong, there is an exciting feeling, a satisfying feeling that is part of the creative process.

Whatever your dream is, as it becomes more solid, it feels like walking in two worlds, and in a manner of speaking, it is.

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