Thursday, June 3, 2010

Psychic Hearts

This week, I heard that a well known Atlanta psychic died of a heart attack. He was younger than me, and not obese, so the thought that he might go that way never crossed my mind. I knew him because Mickey and I worked some of the same places, and sometimes we would just hang out and chat in our comings and goings.

Thinking about this, though, caused me to remember something else. Many years ago, after another psychic died this way, one of my mentors who was also a psychic and a writer, shared his thoughts on the subject. Peter said that it was important to keep your heart clear when doing psychic work and healing work because the heart is the pivotal chakra in our system, and all of our most important work comes through the heart.

Peter himself later died of a heart attack, as did at least a few other psychics and healers who come to mind just now.

I have long felt the truth of the heart connection. When we are working, all of our energy centers are working, top to bottom, bottom to top. And whether you prefer to look at the body systems as consisting of seven chakras, three energy centers, or something else, the heart is still at the center of all of it.

That is why I feel that when the energy is flowing, I have no thoughts of technique, I just know what needs to be done, what is to be said, and when the movement of energy is complete, when has run its course for that session, when the connection with that person has moved what needed to be moved.

It is my experience that psychic and healing work does move powerfully through the heart, and that triggers movement in the other energy centers. Others may believe that it starts in the head, crown or third eye, but I know the heart, and it tells me everything I need to know.

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