Thursday, June 17, 2010

Third Time's a Charm

Have you ever noticed how when you hold a vision, you find ways to support the vision, or information about following through with it, or else insight that encourages you to change your vision?

Notice how the number three comes into play. An idea gets mentioned three times, by three different people, and suddenly the door is open for you to go to the event.

You get an idea to do something, and then after three times having that thought pop to the front of your mind, you decide to take action on it, and the resources are available.

Something comes to you casually, something you were not looking for, and after three times, you are actively engaged with it.

The triangle of manifestation is efficient, effective and enigmatic. Energies materialize according to vision.

Take a good look around at what is happening and notice the significance of the number three.

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