Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Excitement of What We Don't Know

Why are the things we don't know so exciting? People always come to readers to either validate something they know but want confirmation on, or they want to know about the unknown.

Actually, since the beginning of mankind, people have wanted to know what they don't know. From the cavemen who cast bones to find out how the hunting would go or how they would fare in battle with their enemies, to the ancient Greeks who made pilgrimages to the Oracles at Delphi to Nostradamus and Madam Lenormand to Jeanne Dixon, Linda Goodman, Sylvia Brown, James van Praagh and John Edward to your favorite neighborhood tarot reader, palmist or astrologer, people want to know what they do not know.

This, to me, is an endlessly fascinating part of human nature. For many of us, it is not enough to simply get up every day and do whatever we have to do, with no end in sight, no dream to move toward. If we thought that all there was to life was to have a job, pay the bills and have some food and entertainment in between, then we naturally find ourselves asking if there is not something more exciting, amazing or great that we are destined to do.

It just seems too limited to think that there is not anything greater or more mysterious going on here. We all like to think that there is a special purpose we serve, or a special task that we have to do before we die, or some other great adventure that is just around the bend, whether it is the love of our life, writing the great American novel, making our own independent movie, playing and singing in a band or whatever. There must be something coming up for us that is more than just our every day job.

The notion that amazing and exciting developments can happen to anybody, with just a twist of fate, is the very root material of most popular movies and novels. The idea that life can present us with something really jazzy just up around the bend, is what makes people want to take a look around that bend, so they ask a reader to help them see.

Sometimes what they see inspires them to do something different and change their life. Readings can let people know they have other choices that they may not have seen. Readings can help people recognize patterns in their life that they were unaware of until the reader pointed them out.

Precisely because a tarot reading, astrology, runes, palmistry and other kinds of reading are considered by many people to be mysterious, people are willing to open up to the experience. After all, it takes a different kind of seeing to see what our normal sight cannot see.

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