Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Eyes Have It

The light in your eyes reveals the joy in your life. See how the reflection comes back from the eyes of others? What does it take to light the fire?

Notice the people who have joy in their eyes. See how they sparkle? It is the light that is coming through, the light that shows the vision, the beauty, the joy.

Notice how when you meet someone who has that light in their eyes that you feel good about the interaction even before anything is said.

How is the light in your eyes? Do you smile at people with them, happy to be alive? Do you see a bright future for yourself? Do you see a world full of possibilities? Do you see reasons to celebrate life? Do you see other people as basically good?

There are many ways to let the light shine through your eyes. Just pick a reason, any reason, to let your eyes light up.

Do you know the way to bring the light to the eyes of those you meet? Do you enjoy trying to share that light? I know I do.

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