Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Journey of the Heart

Our heart is our center in so many ways. It is the midpoint of our energy systems. It is our source of courage and strength. It is the symbolic heart of our love life, our relationships. It is where our feelings are most powerful. Giving and receiving love keeps us alive and vibrant. When we feel pain or joy, it can be felt there most powerfully. How can a person live without being in touch with their heart center?

Do we have reservations about opening our heart? Past experiences can cause that. In our heart is the memory of our love life. In our heart lives the record of our feelings. We may have even forgotten specifics over time, we navigate by these traces of the maps of our lives. Over time, some of the images and pathways have faded, but being human, we pursue the paths to joy and make efforts to avoid the paths to sorrow, although these can never be completely separated. Love and loss are intertwined. Healing comes when we follow the strongest paths to love most of the time.

Love can move us along pathways that we did not know were there before. At times we are explorers discovering parts of our own map of our bodies and souls that we did not even know were there.

We may have been operating earlier in our lives on the theory that there are certain ways that love is always expressed. And sometimes, rather than lose our contact with love, however tenuous, we search every corridor of the heart, looking for ways to keep it alive.

Some bonds, once forged, are so durable that they are indestructible. Part of our life experience is this journey of the heart, feeling our way along these pathways, knowing what we know by having lived through every moment, and moving along, step by step, in the flow of life, whether or not we can see where we are going. It is about the journey.

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