Friday, October 22, 2010

Give Me Patience, But Not Too Much

With our desire to manifest becoming more and more urgent, patience seems to be a step in the opposite direction. Patience is not easy for me.

Of course, this duality is always present. Sometimes the things we dearly want take a while to happen because certain things need to happen before we achieve our goal.

There are skills and arts that take time to develop, and so that is a form of patience. And these are necessary for success. You have to be good at something.

A related principle is that sometimes you hold things close to your chest until you are ready to share that heartfelt desire with the rest of the world. Sometimes the power of your dreams can be diluted if you talk about it too much.

At the same time, dreams must be shared with others if you are in need of their support.

Patience is sometimes that dull looking sharpening stone that brings a fine edge to the knife. Not glamorous, but necessary.

Then there are other forms of patience, like waiting for a call. That can really drive a person up a wall. To deal with the impatience, you simply have to let go and let the response come in its own time.

Although it seems like conflicting advice to act to manifest your dreams now and having patience, think about how these two seeming opposites fit together.

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